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November 03, 2011

11*2*11 deload week and upcoming plan

So this week is a deload.  I felt pretty good going into it, but I know in the long run I operate better on a 4 week on 1 week off cycle.  I planned on throwing a bit more than I have this deload week but, just hasn't worked out. I have been adding more cardio to my routine this week and continuing with all my stretching.

spin bike:
13.1 miles for time (the wife is doing a half marathon in March so I figure for a bit I will knock out her distance everyday.)
40 min approx:
10 min warm-up till my regular pace puts me about 20mph
20 min of intervals 20sec sprint higher resistance 40sec lower resistance at 20mph
10 min regular pace at 20 mph low resistance

After this I go through with my normal stretching and rolling routine and shoulder maintenance.


My next 4 weeks of training are going to continue with the high volume 10x10.  I will be going up in percentage and trying to get more working sets in.  After this I will take a test week then followed by a deload week.  I need to focus a bit more on making sure I throw 1 day a week at least and start drilling hammer.

Test goals:
585 x 10 squat
315 x 10 OH
315 x 10 bench
500 x 10 DL

Diet:  My body weight is down a bit over the 4 weeks started at 287 and now 282 consistent and strength seems to be going up as well.  I am happy so far and like where things are heading.  I have spoken with my nutritionist and he wants me to try cutting out glutten and protein shakes for next two weeks to see if it makes any differences.  I have never tried this so Ill give it a shot.

Other offseason notes: Work is picking up quite a bit and will be really busy come 1st quarter.  I will be on the road quite a bit.  Starting next week I have to go back to Chicago, St. Louis, OH, and Memphis.  It is going to be tricky to get all my training in this week but I am going to give it hell.  Staying clean on the diet will also be tricky.

Finally finishing up all of my unfinished tattoo work.  both of my feet are done less some touch up.  My back is getting there.  My right hamstring is finished and one more session should knock out the butt.  Then on to the other leg  2-3 sessions there and then final work to the back 1-2 sessions.  Should all be done before season really fires off in Feb.

Sorry for no real updates, but it is deload this week so nothing is really happening.

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