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November 13, 2011

ARTICLE: No more curls in the squat rack...what do you need

Platform at South Side Mustache
No More Curls in the Squat Rack
by Matt Vincent

         About three years ago I decided to clean out the mess in my garage and get a couple of items so I can train at home. I had seen enough of the mutants and morons training at commercial gyms and couldn't take it.  Also after years of athletic training there were some options I needed that a typical chain was not providing me.  I need chalk, better music, and less people.  Fast forward three years later and I have no desire to train anywhere else.  This has been the best investment I have ever made.  It is easier and cheaper than you think and can be done numerous ways.

          One of the great things about a home gym is that most of us will be limited on the space we have.  Typically the size of the garage, outdoor building, or basement ( I am turbo jealous of basement gyms, but not jealous of people who also have basements also have snow.  Fuck that.).  Having limited space will force you to prioritize your equipment purposes and get what gives the most bang for you buck.  Forget having 8 different curl machines.

          If you have the ability to order all new equipment, good for you I had to like many of you piece it together over time.  Using Craigslist for your city is great option to find equipment cheap also you can find dates with trannies.  It is a one stop shop.  There will be some items that you will want to get new, but they are pretty affordable.

Shopping list:

  • Squat Stands or Power Rack:  used $300  new $ 1500  EFS or Sorinex
  • Steel Weights:  used $ .50/pound or cheaper  800lbs= $400.00
  • Decent Flat bench:  new $50.00 Academy
  • Texas Power Bar:  new $300.00
  • Prowler:  $279.00 EFS econo version
    • Total: $1329.00
         This would be the way I would start my hunt and purchasing.  $1050 seems like a lot of money but not when you compare it to a gym member ship of $50/month and driving to a from.  You will also want some other things as time goes on like a platform to lift on.  This is easy enough with rubber stall mats and plywood.  A rock solid platform can be built for about $100.00.  This can all be done for much cheaper, my first purchase was a squat rack on Craigslist list that came with a bar and an awful bench and 500lbs of weight.  I got all of this for under $300.00, I have since changed all of it, but it got me training at home on day one.

         Having your home gym is great and the main thing it does is eliminate another excuse.  There is no commute time and it is open 24hrs.  Get your self a cheap stereo and get to making gains.  Being able to push hard and consistently make gains while training alone in your garage will be something that you can  be proud of.  Build your own dungeon and get to rebuilding your self into the strength athlete you want to be today.  Time is running out.

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