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November 28, 2011

11*28*11 Squats again.. last week of high volume.

McPoyle Halloween  

1*2*4*1  Squats:

Standard warm-up:
Little extra time rolling on the low back.  My posterior chain is tired from yesterdays training.  I don't normally like to squat and pull back to back but this is my punishment for not getting it done earlier last week.

bar x 10
145 x 10
235 x 10
325 x 10
375 x 2 x 10

145 x 5
195 x 2 x 5

Stretching and rolling:

cold shower

Outdoor shower will definitely make the boys pull back in side.  It was 38* outside so I am not sure what the water temp was but it was chilly for sure.

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