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November 20, 2011

11*20*11 TOSSING!!!


Working on hammer.  Really trying to get some type of a rhythm on this one.  The last couple of weeks the weather has been cooperating and keeping the ground moist enough so that I can get my blades in.  The goal is slowly but surely figure out how to throw this dumb thing using my hips.

16 hammer:
x 10 winds:  just hold on loose arms and letting the hips generate the speed.  This also is helping me find the ground and use it.
x 20 throws:  best of 130'  I am happy with this and had a couple in this range.  Nothing about of 80% effort just keeping everything long and fast.

x 10: 8 over 55' and 2 over 60'

x 10: 7 over 80' and 2 over 85'

These distances are good right now and I am a bit surprised by them.  I just need to stay focused on course and keep up the lifting and throwing as is.  Quality reps.  Not really pushing any throws just sticking to about 80% efforts and hit all the positions.  This should lead to some big throws late in the season when they count.

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