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November 15, 2011

11*15*11 upper training and some shitty movie talk.

Coach Stewart Gunna on some next level shit.  Keeping it amazing.

11*15*11 -

Today was my best pressing day so far. Not a ton of weight but I didn’t burn out like I have been.  I am happy with the couple of adjustments I made to my program.  I have two more squat days then a quick test week then on to my strength block.  I am stoked for this.  Really happy to see where I am at.
Pre-workout shake:
Standard warm-up:
Push Press:
Bar x 10
135 x 10
185 x 10
205 x 7 x 10

CG Bench:
225 x 3 x 10

Pull ups:
3 x 10
KB rows:
3 x 10 each arm
(I did these as a super set.) 

Weighted Jump rope: 10 rounds
20 sec on fast
40 sec rest

Finally my hot tub is back in working order (knock on wood).  I am happy tomorrow to hit the prowler hard then do some contrast work.  Also spent some time today while working listening to “How did this get made Pod cast” it is pretty funny and worth a listen.  It is a couple of comedians from the league (Andre and Raffi) they have guest and pretty much make fun of awful movies.  This is one Gem that they tore apart that I listened to.  

I have always liked movies.  I enjoy great movies, but also if they are shitty enough they are still entertaining for all of the wrong reasons.  For your enjoyment clips form possibly the biggest pile of filmed garbage "The Room".

Here is the trailer.  What Asshole critic said this was the best movie of the year?
And clip to really lets these two prize thespians show their range.

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