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August 31, 2011

8*31*11 Video from lifting last night and packing for San Francisco

So here is the Video of last nights lifting.  The battery died on my camera and I was not able to record my throws.

So today, I am taking care of my normal bullshit around the house before I leave for CA.  My wife has a bit of an itinerary planned for us, on Thursday evening and Friday around San Francisco.   She has a list of things to see and places for us to shove food in our mouths.  
Here is the short list of what we are planning on eating.

Since my wife has to eat Mexican food in some manner every 12 hrs,  I am sure going to be stop number1.
1.  The Taco Shop at Underdogs

This joint is supposed to have amazing Fish Tacos.  If there is one thing in life that I absolutely love, it is watching people fail, ( see the following) after that it is a delicious Fish Taco.  So I am pretty stoked.

What is that a jpeg? You have to use a TIF file.

This place looks pretty solid despite that they want to serve beers with annoyingly clever names in pretentious glasses. (side note I can't even get close to spelling pretentious with out 10 lbs of spell check.)  
Reality CZECH Pilsner.... ugh...
This reminds me of a time I was in Ohio, hanging out with two friends.  I had picked up a 12 pack of Goose Island beer to drink and upon arrival I asked "Have you guys ever tried this?" and with a quick response one of these two savages says, "Yeah, I have had a beer before."  That was that.  Then I sat on the couch and watched these two superb athletes play their weekly game of NCAA 2010.  This is by far the most pathetic thing I have ever seen, they sit there and run up the score cause the other guy won't play defense.(literally doesn't hold the controller)  Instead they take turns throwing 1st down hail mary's, then dipping and texting people not there.  I think this SHIT SHOW ended with a score of 71-67 Ohio State over Arizona.  Also I think 4000+ yards of total offense were accomplished.  AWFUL.

This is the other place on her growing list of things to do.  It is a sausage shop (fancy ass hot dogs) in downtown SF.  I feel like it just softballs the jokes in there.  Ummmm I bet this place is a desirable 1st date location in SF.  (get it.. cause of the sausages and all the gays.  Sausage is like dicks.)  However I digress, I love sausages, hotdogs, and beer.

Skin encased Meats....SMART!!!!

She is stoked on all three of these places so I am looking forward to it.  In our travels I have never been disappointed by here choices for food.   We are also planning on seeing some of the local sites.  I have not been to SF in probably 6 years to really check it out.  So I will get to show her around town Thursday and Friday then throw on Saturday in Pleasanton.  I am really looking forward to the break from the heat and being in the bay area.  The ability to wear a hoody at night literally gives me a good weather boner.
 I also picked up some sweet hot pink spandex shorts for under my kilt.  Should match the rest of my look.
Reppin the Dirty

August 30, 2011

8*30*11 Training today and Trying out new product

Short update here:

Push Press:
bar x 10 x 2
135 x 10 x 2
225 x 5 x 2
275 x 2 x 2
315 x 2 x 3

Thing felt really good today and fast.  I decided to do a normal push press to feel the drive from feel all the way up to the hands.


standing x 5 best of 53'  Changing a bit here, after getting some advice from Bert Sorin and John Davis I think I can get a longer push on the stone.
fulls x 5 best of 61'

LWFD: x 6 best of 84'

Really smooth today just working rhythm and hitting a low point in the back and driving to the trig.  Things are where I want them to be right now, I need to figure out how I can throw hammers tomorrow with the ground like concrete and some WOB and call it a week.

Also today my C-prime bracelet came in.  I am curious to see the benefits of this.  All of the guys at Sorinex are wearing them as well as the guys who run Athletes Arena.  Since none of the guys at either have ever pointed me in the wrong direction with anything, I'm going to give it a shot.  The biggest difference they claim it makes is that it helps you get a deeper sleep.  I will keep everyone updated on it.

(Kinda looks like a condom wrapper but its about the size of a CD...or what I call my condom wrapper..ZING)

8*29*11 Pre-workout shake, Training Video, and Cakes

I am still prepping for my last three games of the year.  I was for whatever reason not really feeling motivated to throw today, but after taking my pre-workout shake I was ready about 15 min later.  I mix two scoops of protein (Chronomass), 1 scoop of Jack3d, and 1 scoop of Modern BCAA.  For whatever reason this combination has worked great for me.  Even on days that I don't want to train after I take my shake and get my lifting for the day planned out and what I want to accomplish I am good to go.

Now that I am feeling motivated to do something other than lay on the couch, I decided to knock out my day one.  Normally with a games this week I would be backing way off but since I have three in a row I will be backing off at the end of next week so that I can try and peak at IHGF Pro Worlds.  This is not saying that I don't want to throw well the next two weeks, (cause I do and will have to if I want to win) I just want to give my self the most opportunity to throw my best at Worlds.

Lifting:  Here on out are sets of 2.  Nothing too heavy keeping it between 50-65% so that weight feel fast.

jump rope
roll foam/pvc
rehab on elbow

Squat: ss bar
bar x 10 x 2
135 x 5 x 2
225 x 2 x 2
315 x 2 x 2
365 x 2 x 2
(elbow rehab between sets)

standing x 5 with shot  best of 50'   (sucks throwing one of these again)
fulls x 5 with stone best of 61+ three over 60'

one turns: x 3 40'
fulls x 5 best of 44 ( all over 40' and three around 43+')

Things are feeling how I want them to feel right now.  I just need to stay focused for the next three weeks and get done what I am supposed to.  I also came in from the field yesterday to find my lovely wife baking a cake and cupcakes.  She made a cake that was like a giant Ding-Dong, the snack cake not dicks, and cupcakes the same way.  She is totally awesome I can't wait to have her come to San Francisco with me and fill her up with In-and-Out.  I have to say I am just as excited about this trip as I was going to Iceland this summer.

August 29, 2011

ARTICLE: Priorities Focus on what you want to accomplish

Success, Making it a Priority
By Matt Vincent

Making training a priority is necessary if you want to be successful.  This idea is definitely nothing new, however many people still don’t get it.  For the last two years I have been competing in Highland Games seriously.  In that time I have gone from being a decent amateur to winning the IHGF Amateur World Championships in Spokane, WA this past weekend.  To make this happen I had to make training to throw far my priority.  When I tell people about the amount of time I put into throwing and training I usually hear that they do not have time to train like that.  Well I’m here to say that the reason I have time to train like I do is because I make time.  The most important thing in my life is my relationship with my wife, without this everything falls apart.  Next is making sure my job is being done well, not having a job is not an option and I like the one I have.  Third is my training.  Everything else in my life falls into distant places behind that. 

Having time to train properly is something that does not just happen, it’s something that you have to make happen.  When I write my training program, I do the workouts as scheduled each day with little exception.  I don’t skip training to go to the bar with friends or because I am tired at the end of the day from work.  Everyone has an hour or two that they could get for training if they wanted to.  The key here is that “want” to train.  There will be sacrifices made so that your priorities stay in line.  However, anything worth accomplishing is hard and will require sacrifice and discipline.  If something is truly important to you then these sacrifices are will not be an issue.  This dedication to what you want to accomplish will get you closer to your goals. 

I have tried many different things to dial in what works best for me.  Personally I like a high training volume.  I can lift and throw in the afternoon in about an hour-hour and a half at most.  I do all of my recovery work in the am before work.  I do some walking ( 10-30 min) then rolling and stretching, this usually give me time to wake up clear my head and figure out what I need to try and accomplish that day in training and work.  Another sacrifice I have had to make is now I train alone 90% of the time.  When I was focusing on powerlifting I was training with a great group -- however the workouts were taking too long.  Even though getting a chance to talk shop and bullshit with a group of guys is something I enjoyed, it wasn’t getting me any closer to my end goal.  Because of that I had to take my training back to my garage and go it alone.  Many people hate training alone and find it hard to self motivate; I’m not one of those people.  I have goals I am focused on achieving, and that is all the motivation I need. 
                In short if there is something you want to accomplish in your sport or life for that matter, stop talking about it or making excuses and get to doing it.  Every day that you sit by and do nothing, you just gave yourself one less day to accomplish things before you die.  So time is short and there is no time like now.  Stop making excuses and get your priorities set for whatever it is that you want to do. 

August 28, 2011

8*28*11 Strongman and gearing up for travel...

So this last weekend I went and help a great friend of mine run a strongman competition.  Mark Cummings has been promoting strongman in Louisiana for the last 3 years and I have been lucky enough to have been part of them in some way.  Mark also was a main influence in both my brother and I getting into strongman and actually competing in strength sports. I have since retired (I say retired cause it sounds like a decision, however the real problem is that I am not good at it and it is really hard.) from competing in strongman other than the occasional Highlander.

This contest is a welcome one every year due to it being inside with AC and a great crowd.  It is part of the Taste of Tiger Tailgating, which is to promote the up and coming LSU football season, and has a full house packed into the Baton Rouge Convention Center.  A large crowd was on hand to watch the 20 guys compete in max log press, car wheelbarrow, carry and drag medley, and the infamous atlas stones.  When the cards fell at the end of the day I was pretty proud that the winners of both the LW class and the HW class are two of my regular training partners.  MAHK and Lonny, these guys have been instrumental in helping me become successful in strength sports.

Over a year ago when Strongman was my main focus and was MAHKs we were both under the impression the bigger we got the better it was going to be.  Before the last contest that we both actually focus and trained for I think we both made weigh ins at over 300+(me at 312 and MAHK at 303)  looking red and puffy as ever.  The fantastic bloat we were chasing was epic full on diet of pizza, salt, and ice cream.  Needless to say those days are long since gone.  I am stable at 275 now and MAHK is sitting below 240.  Here is Turbo Fatt me looking like a hero and drinking what is supposed to be a captain and coke however looks like the coke missed the invite.

Anyway it was fun to be around the strongman group again however I know that this type of competition is not for me any more mentally.  The shift to the highland games has been great.  Most throwers are pretty laid back, therefore bringing a lack of sitting around and mean mugging each other for 6 hours of a contest.

In just a few more days me and the wife will pack up and head out for San Francisco.  I will be competing in the Highland Games in Pleasanton, CA. and we will enjoy a short vacation.  I am really looking forward to the games it should be a pretty competitive day since Pleasanton is always one of the strongest games of the year.


This weeks training will be a three day week. I will lift and throw mon-wed.  then shut it down and recover till the contest on Sat.  Three more weeks in a row of games then I head to Chicago for work for a week and my lovely wife is coming with me for this as well.  She has never been so this will also be great and it will give me some time to start de-loading before the off season  training starts.  I am still dealing with a bit of elbow pain but it seems to improve a lot from using Ice and Stem.  Since I now have a portable tens unit I can take care of that on the road.

traveling and tossing-Like a BOSS!!!-

August 25, 2011

8*23-25-11 South Carolina and Training

Well this week I am on the road for work to South CarolinaSouth Carolina is one of my favorite places that I get to travel.  Columbia is one spot in particular that has become a training home away from home for me.  The main reason for that is SORINEX. 

Sorinex is a company that designs, manufactures, and sells exercise equipment.  This is not the same stuff that you are going to find at your local 24hr planet moron gym.  This is high end well thought out equipment made by strength athletes.  They have some great innovative items.  Ok enough of that, if you are looking for gym equipment get in touch with the guys at Sorinex they can help.  So not only do they manufacture all of this, they have a show room that is also a gym.  Lots of athletes come through here on a day to day basis.  Since I have been here this week alone Donnie Thompson, (current WR holder in powerlifting for all time highest total, 3000lbs and heaviest squat, 1265lbs ) Jason Lawson, (former NFL athlete, Strongman, and one of the most incredible athletes I have ever met. 6'2" 260lbs and full abs. and crazy strong.) Big Rich( Rich is a monster and the current top grip guy in the world. 6'3" 400+) and Bert Sorin ( Professional Highland games athlete, and was a top US hammer thrower).  Needless to say it is always humbling to be in the presence of guys like this.

Here is a recap video of this year’s Summer Strong.  Summer Strong is an annual gathering of athletes, coaches, and trainers of all disciplines to come together and learn from each other.
This video was from last year.  Just one of the amazing things I have been part of while at Sorinex training.

I am getting to throw quite a bit while here working on some technical stuff with Bert in the hammer and the other events.  Even though since Bert is coming back from an injury, and I throw further than him, right now, he is such a knowledgeable guy in training and throwing that getting to learn from him one on one is something I can't ever pass up.

I am still two weeks out from my next games in CA.  Here is how my week’s workouts broke down.


Throwing and getting learned by Bert Sorin himself.

Ostone: x 15 best of 60'
Hwfd: x 6 best of 43'
Lwfd: x 6 best of 83' on the Sorinex uphill

Notes: things felt solid nit great but always fun getting to throw with
Guys I look up too.

Bar x 10
135 x 5 x 2
225 x 5 x 2
315 x 3 x 5

Stretch and shoulder rehab.

Post: boneless Buffalo wings,
Pm shake
Tens and ice on elbow.

Camera battery died on me i need new batteries.  I am going to try and video tomorrow.

Pvc jav stretch

Btn push jerk-
Bar x 10
135x 10 x 2
225 x 5 x 2
225 x 3 x 2
275 x 3 x 5

Since I am at Sorinex house of awesome I got to play with a Power factor today.  I think I will be adding one of these to my training. (Device that measures bar speed)

Shoulder mobility:
4x 10 each way
Red band and db

16 hammer x 15
Working wit the wee Bert Sorin, starting I think to have an idea of what
I’m supposed to do here.


jump rope
foam/pvc roll

bar x 10
135 x 10 x 2
225 x 5
315 x 3
405 x 3 x 5

A little bit of everything just staying in rhythm.  I Didn’t measure anything

August 22, 2011

8*22*11 Home from the SHIT SHOW!!!! bachelor party and BMFL!!!

Well where to start.  So my long time friend Drizzle is getting married, this last weekend was the bachelor party. I went into this a bit on the apprehensive side.  I am the only married guy going as well as these dudes still all drink and party on the reg.  So time to boot up or shut up.  Deciding that self preservation is key to any extreme conditions I headed to target to see if I can keep the damage to my body to a minimum.  Being a top level Amateur athlete in a niche sport, my body is a temple and must be treated like one.  Low Performance = High Maintenance.  

So like any hard partying adult should do.  I got my shopping list done before leaving.  So instead of drinking the 33+ cases of 8oz beers or 10 bottles of Jager that came I will stick with what works for me.(also for whatever reason Capt. Morgan usually leaves me with no hangover.)
1 handle of Capt Morgan
4-12 packs of coke zero
4 gallons of water
4 four packs of RockStar lemonade energy+recovery
(figured I'd be needing both)
4-12 packs of Gatorade.
                                                                                    1 container of Vitamin C (helps immune system. )

So on to the trip.  
I meet and pick up the crew at Drizzles at 5:45am to roll out since I am meeting BMFL at the airport in FL at 11:00.  As I get there we load everything to my truck and pack up to leave this goes way smoother than I predicted.  In my car are Stag Beetle and Drizzle.  They sleep since of course they went out to party Thursday night and got home sometime after 2:00am.  I am dealing with some professionals here.  We stop to get food around 7 still in LA. at this point.  (Food+piss+car door+burning tires imagine in some amazing cut like dawn of the dead.)

          BMFL is grabbed at airport and we head to the hotel.  The other car is now ahead of us we get close and decide to get last min items at local souvenir shop.  Clothing guaranteed for all of us to look like assholes, sunscreen, ice for the tiny beers, dickhead hats, towels, and 2 hours later we leave Alvin's Island.  Now heading tot he hotel we call ahead and of course the other car is now at the bar since we cant check in till 3pm.  Arriving at the hotel I notice that this place is just as you'd expect on the Redneck Riviera.  The lobby is the only part that has been upgraded in the last 15 years.  Our room is ready so we go to unload everything and tell the other car of assholes to come to the hotel we will drink at the pool till other rooms are available.  

           The pool is pretty sweet.  Big Rock formation in the middle of it and a swim up grotto bar inside under a water fall.  We look for chairs and an area to call home base then notice there is a terrace that is astro turf covered and has two giant umbrellas and 10 ashtrays.  This is now the "Crow's Nest" where we can obnoxiously judge strangers passing near the pool.  So now we have 11 dudes trying to get hammered drunk all wearing various colors of neon short shorts and dumb sunglasses, yelling at strangers.  Pool Rules also state since they have a bar you cant bring your own booze.  We arrived with three ice chest of tiny cans and a handful of bottles of Jager.  Pool staff seem to realize they are not paid enough to wrangle this crowd and everyone seems to be entertained with our shenanigans.  (side note:  some how there is a direct correlation to the shorter the shorts you wear to the higher you place one leg when talking to anyone.)  After verbally confusing/assaulting talking a couple of high class ladies into letting us check out their c-section scars and utters.  We decided Whataburger + naps then BAR!!!.

Here are some Classics of the day

Here the group judging the crowd...from the Crow's Nest.

Capt Amazing looking like a complete Dick and a beard that possibly robbed a train on the way in.
Getting Ready for the night out... Naked dudes always chill and watch tv together....

Fri Night we ended up at a local Bar and things here are just a sweaty blur for me.  I think we got kicked out, someone made out with a pair of heavy ebony ladies, alleged vandalism, using the pick up line " I wont rape you." and "95+% of the dudes in here want to sexually assault you" But as I said it is all incriminating/ blur.  So just imagine this cluster fuck yelling at anything that moves and being way way way to fucking drunk to make adult decisions.

 Sat:  I managed to wake up at 8am to unsuccessfully eat another burger and fries, and throw up the gallon of water, Rockstar and 3 Gatorades I drank upon waking to only find our bachelor sleeping in our bathtub.  Good times.  Sat was filled with more pool time and all around awfulness.

However as Saturday turned into Saturday night we made our way to eat at hooters and yell at the saints game.  Then out and onto the titty bar.  With three options to choose from Super classy, normal, and Shank Town Super Buffet.  We of course choose Shank Town Super Buffet.  This place is on the top three worst Titty bars I have ever been in.  I'm not sure if it doubles by day as a Chinese buffet or how long it has been since it was one but the lingering ghost of Gerenal Tso was evident.  All of the dancers were AWFUL!!!! yet amazing cause they wanted to party and get loud.  So between the Sasquatchian WNBA players and the way to old Asian hookers.  We were at home, not like we exactly look like a top catch at this point.
 So we gather up our collective money and get our bachelor on stage for an all monster Lapdance-athong while stripped to his batman skivies.  This is one of the most hilarious things I have watched in a long time.  Just looks like sea monsters crawling all over some type of food ball.  We finish and head next door to the top end joint.

Russia's finest is everything you could ask for in a strip club.  Girls ranging from the ages of 18 to 18 and a half and almost none of them speak English as a first language.  Good lighting, tentative staff, and a lack of hepatitis on all of the surfaces make it perfect.
 We continue here for awhile watching some Cirque De Soleil quality pole action by the strong Russian team.  I am glad that they escaped a strong over bearing goverment to practice their skills and chase the american dream.  I am sure they are hoping to be bought by some leather skinned monster and live out there time doing horrid things till  life insurance money and inheritance kick in.  And for that ladies I applaud you.

This ends and we all head back to the hotel where the drinks are cheaper.  I go to pass out since I know I am leaving in the morning and from what I have seen the group is drunk and restless.  Personally I know that the wave of awesomeness has crested and only sadness and fist fights will follow.  When I awake at 5am to leave and find the group still going at it. (some sleeping, one getting slapped knocked out, then crying confused, and threats of further violence, a wedding proposal to a stranger, and possible sexual assault after proposal)

 OUR BACHELOR AND CHAMPION.... I am GLAD DMFR is dead he will be missed.  

This was a great time however I will be recovering from it for the better part of the week.                                                                                         

August 18, 2011

8*17*11 training and throwing video and some other stuff from Iceland.....

Here are some more of the pictures from Iceland.  I figure all of my actual friends have heard stories but having a BLOG is like a new friends that doesn't know anything about how amazing I am.  So Here is some stuff with a couple of comments to fill you in.

 Here is 4 time Worlds Stongest Man Magnús Ver Magnússon and I after my carry.
 Here is Spencer like most things trying and doing it wrong.
 Still failing.  "I just don't know what to do with my hands + there is no where to put my cigarettes."
 This picture represents the dichotomy of our relationship.  Where I represent all that is good, strong and amazing.  Spencer represent everything that is FAIL and AWFUL.

Also if you were wondering is Spencer the type of guy who give cameras the finger.  Well no need to wonder anymore, he is that guy and he also play acoustic guitar at bars and parties.  Still you bag of shit.
Here is me in Iceland carrying the infamous Hussafelt Stone.  This same stone has been carried in multiple Worlds Strongest Man competitions.  With all the history behind it I was proud to be part of it.  

Here is a Turkish Getup I did for a contest.  This was done out at Sorinex.  Always something fun happens while I'm training out there with those mutants.

August 17, 2011

8*17*11 Getting ready for a real shit show....

So this coming weekend is one of my long time friends bachelor party.  This should be a great time, I am looking forward to treating my body and liver as though I am 22 again for about 5 hours till it rejects the idea.  We are heading down to Ft. Walton Beach and I think have 800 beers, 10 bottles of Jager, 2 bottles  of Capt. : ), and whatever other poisons make the journey.  (none of these numbers are exaggerated.)  The 8 of us will probably accomplish a myriad of things if this is anything like the last trip I made to the beach with Drizzle and Bert.  Last time we were there was over 5 years ago and some of the highlights included.

1. crashing at the band house for local bar "The Swamp" with a friends band.  I did not wear clothes I believe at any point while in this house.  I think I slept the majority of one day with no clothes, on the couch, with only sunglasses on.  Meanwhile while passed out probably 50 people came and went through the house.

2.  All three of us decided to see if we could drink only booze for 72 hours.  Lost some years for this one.

3. Set Drew's hair on fire.

4. Got annihilated and passed out on the beach to awake and find Drew talking to some 50 year old beach trash.  Then we talked her into going with us to get our noses pierced while we paid for her to get her man in the boat pierced.  This was awful and disgusting, but really funny.

Those were just some of the  high points in our LOW LIFE HOLIDAY.  We will see how this one measures up, a pretty rowdy group going.

So knowing that the weekend should for all intensive purposes almost kill me.  I am getting training done before I go.

bar x 10
245 x 5 x 2
335 x 5 x 2
425 x 4 x 3

wfh:  56# weight for height
I took 13 throws in rapid succession with bar at 15'6" (fixed training bar)
I think 10 cleared
all done in under 12 min.  This was rough but I think I may do some more interval throwing this off season.

x 3 best of 84'
So hot that everything I own was soaking wet after the WFH.  I couldn't keep a grip on the weight.

x 5 best of 63' (3 over 60')
This getting over the left leg is really something.  I feel like I just put in a cheat code.  Hopefully it keep developing.

All in all things are feeling good.  I am a bit sore from the training this week.  Train tomorrow and then get ready for the shit show of a bachelor party this weekend.  Hey there Poor Decisions and Self Loathing good to see you guys again.

(Training Vid will go up in the AM)


8*16*11 Training:

175 x 5 x 3
225 x 5 x 3
255 x 5 x 3
275 x 5 x 3

Log rows: bent over rows using the log.  Why well why not it already had weight on it.
275 x 10 x 3

Tricep ext:
bands 10 x 5

shoulder rehab: 10 x 5 each way
front raises
side raise
4 way rotational
all using bands

Things felt good I have not done log in a log time.  It is a fun lift I forgot how much I enjoy doing it.  I will definitely have to do more of it come the off season.

New blog I found.
If you are competing in the throws you should read this.  All of it this is living and being bigger than life.  Oldfield was a fucking beast.

Attitude and arrogance is always best backed up with world records.

August 16, 2011


Training from last night.

I am keeping things really simple right now.  All speed work in the gym and lots of throwing.  Monday is my squat day, so I went for some quick triples at near 50%.  

Warm up-
jump rope
pvc roll

bar x 10 x 2
135 x 5
225 x 5 
315 x 5 x 3

hwfd: one turn x 3
fulls x 8 best of 43'

Things are feeling really solid, just need to remember to keep hitting my couple of cues for each throw.  Just focusing on staying fast and healthy for the next five weeks.  Doing some sets of 5 this week around 50% will get me a little sore, but will help me get ready to throw my best for worlds on the 17-19th of Sept. in New Hampshire.

Upcoming travels and some music for today

currently listening to.

           Those of you new to this. I am training currently for IGHF(international highland games association) Pro World Championships.  This is going to be held at Loon Mtn in New Hampshire.  Since I got started in the highland games and strongman before that I have wanted to compete at the Loon contest.  In the past they have done a highlander, and had many of the top strength athletes from around the world there to compete.  With competitors like Olympic shot-putters, world strongest man contestants and winners, professional highland games athletes, and  professional strongmen it always seemed to me like a great contest to go up against the best in a variety of events.

This year they are not doing the typical highlander since they are hosting the Pro World Championships.  I am so excited to be part of this.  I was not expecting this I had originally thought that if had won Amateur World Championships I got an invite and paid trip to compete in 2012 Pro Worlds, this information seemed to be a misprint and I was told at Am worlds that I was going to this years.  This will be by far the most competitive field I have ever thrown in.

             So I will be keeping this updated with whats going on in my training and life leading up to this.  Next week I am heading to South Carolina (Columbia) for part of the week for work.  While there I will get to train at Sorinex, one of my favorite places, and throw some with another pro thrower Bert Sorin.  Getting to train with lots of different people and talk training ideas is something I really enjoy doing.

             Following that Ash and I are heading to Pleasanton, CA for another games.  This will be another Amateur games that will be very competitive.  I am also pumped to get to spend sometime in CA with my wife.  She has never been and we are going to spend a day in the bay area sight seeing.  We are also staying in a sweet little hotel in downtown SF.

The Following week I go to MN for another games, then off to NH for worlds.  I will keep everyone updated on all of this as it is happening.  In the meantime I will be staying awesome I suggest you try and do the same.

August 15, 2011

Article: GET RIGHT!!!

The Most Important Supplement You Are NOT Taking
By Matt Vincent

                I know everyone is looking for that magical supplement, and friends I have it for you.  I travel a lot for work and competition, and being on the road 10+ days a month leads to a different set of problems for all aspects of training and life.  However while I’m on the road I travel with normal mix of supplements like protein, BCAA, fish oil, pre workout, and others.  However, without a doubt the most important thing is fiber.  If you are not taking a fiber supplement every day, you hate yourself and happiness. 
                Other than my training the most important moment of my day is within the 1st hour of waking when it is time to go and take the Browns to the super bowl.  Nothing is more motivating for a great day, great life, or great training session than dropping a turbo fiber deuce.  That feeling of being cleaned out and ready to refill with all of the “right” food items is great to start the day.  By “right” food items I mean mostly a diet of burritos and other meats wrapped in tortillas, but that’s just me.
                Ask any real lifter and they will agree on the importance of max effort work in the can.  If you are already taking fiber, then good for you, keep being awesome.  If not, you are missing out on a life changing experience.  I don’t care if you only eat salad…well that’s not true I do care and you should stop.  No one got awesome eating just salad, well maybe taco salads, but that’s as close as it gets but I digress.  Anyway, fiber supplements are easy to pick up and much cheaper than anything else you are taking.  For about $10 a month you too can be, and feel, amazing.  If you are taking a fiber supplement that is anything but powder that goes into your drink, you’re doing it wrong. 
                Taking Fiber is also incredibly easy.  Take it right before bed and when you wake up the work is done, like magic!  I personally mix it together with my bed time shake.  My shaker cup is filled with 1 scoop of Somatomax (sleep GH release),2 big scoops or a decent pour of Orange flavored coarse Metamucil, 90 grams of chocolate protein, and 1 scoop of BioTest L-leucine  (makes everything more anabolic).  It’s pure function and tastes horrible, but I just power through it thinking of championship quality dumps and call it a night, mentally preparing myself for colon-cleansing awesomeness in the morning.  So in closing fiber is the #1 for my #2’s.  Give it a shot and be unstoppable in everything , or don’t, and continue being average.

Here goes...

So I have been wanting to attempt to write more.  I say attempt cause I am an awful writer however, I am one hell of a story teller.  This blog will be for me to post a variety of things from: travel pictures, competition pictures, articles I write, My training log, videos of training and competition as well as anything else I feel needs to be seen.  So check it out I will be updating pretty regularly.

To start here is my most recent video of Amateur World Championships.

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