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August 16, 2011

Upcoming travels and some music for today

currently listening to.

           Those of you new to this. I am training currently for IGHF(international highland games association) Pro World Championships.  This is going to be held at Loon Mtn in New Hampshire.  Since I got started in the highland games and strongman before that I have wanted to compete at the Loon contest.  In the past they have done a highlander, and had many of the top strength athletes from around the world there to compete.  With competitors like Olympic shot-putters, world strongest man contestants and winners, professional highland games athletes, and  professional strongmen it always seemed to me like a great contest to go up against the best in a variety of events.

This year they are not doing the typical highlander since they are hosting the Pro World Championships.  I am so excited to be part of this.  I was not expecting this I had originally thought that if had won Amateur World Championships I got an invite and paid trip to compete in 2012 Pro Worlds, this information seemed to be a misprint and I was told at Am worlds that I was going to this years.  This will be by far the most competitive field I have ever thrown in.

             So I will be keeping this updated with whats going on in my training and life leading up to this.  Next week I am heading to South Carolina (Columbia) for part of the week for work.  While there I will get to train at Sorinex, one of my favorite places, and throw some with another pro thrower Bert Sorin.  Getting to train with lots of different people and talk training ideas is something I really enjoy doing.

             Following that Ash and I are heading to Pleasanton, CA for another games.  This will be another Amateur games that will be very competitive.  I am also pumped to get to spend sometime in CA with my wife.  She has never been and we are going to spend a day in the bay area sight seeing.  We are also staying in a sweet little hotel in downtown SF.

The Following week I go to MN for another games, then off to NH for worlds.  I will keep everyone updated on all of this as it is happening.  In the meantime I will be staying awesome I suggest you try and do the same.

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