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August 30, 2011

8*30*11 Training today and Trying out new product

Short update here:

Push Press:
bar x 10 x 2
135 x 10 x 2
225 x 5 x 2
275 x 2 x 2
315 x 2 x 3

Thing felt really good today and fast.  I decided to do a normal push press to feel the drive from feel all the way up to the hands.


standing x 5 best of 53'  Changing a bit here, after getting some advice from Bert Sorin and John Davis I think I can get a longer push on the stone.
fulls x 5 best of 61'

LWFD: x 6 best of 84'

Really smooth today just working rhythm and hitting a low point in the back and driving to the trig.  Things are where I want them to be right now, I need to figure out how I can throw hammers tomorrow with the ground like concrete and some WOB and call it a week.

Also today my C-prime bracelet came in.  I am curious to see the benefits of this.  All of the guys at Sorinex are wearing them as well as the guys who run Athletes Arena.  Since none of the guys at either have ever pointed me in the wrong direction with anything, I'm going to give it a shot.  The biggest difference they claim it makes is that it helps you get a deeper sleep.  I will keep everyone updated on it.

(Kinda looks like a condom wrapper but its about the size of a CD...or what I call my condom wrapper..ZING)

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