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August 25, 2011

8*23-25-11 South Carolina and Training

Well this week I am on the road for work to South CarolinaSouth Carolina is one of my favorite places that I get to travel.  Columbia is one spot in particular that has become a training home away from home for me.  The main reason for that is SORINEX. 

Sorinex is a company that designs, manufactures, and sells exercise equipment.  This is not the same stuff that you are going to find at your local 24hr planet moron gym.  This is high end well thought out equipment made by strength athletes.  They have some great innovative items.  Ok enough of that, if you are looking for gym equipment get in touch with the guys at Sorinex they can help.  So not only do they manufacture all of this, they have a show room that is also a gym.  Lots of athletes come through here on a day to day basis.  Since I have been here this week alone Donnie Thompson, (current WR holder in powerlifting for all time highest total, 3000lbs and heaviest squat, 1265lbs ) Jason Lawson, (former NFL athlete, Strongman, and one of the most incredible athletes I have ever met. 6'2" 260lbs and full abs. and crazy strong.) Big Rich( Rich is a monster and the current top grip guy in the world. 6'3" 400+) and Bert Sorin ( Professional Highland games athlete, and was a top US hammer thrower).  Needless to say it is always humbling to be in the presence of guys like this.

Here is a recap video of this year’s Summer Strong.  Summer Strong is an annual gathering of athletes, coaches, and trainers of all disciplines to come together and learn from each other.
This video was from last year.  Just one of the amazing things I have been part of while at Sorinex training.

I am getting to throw quite a bit while here working on some technical stuff with Bert in the hammer and the other events.  Even though since Bert is coming back from an injury, and I throw further than him, right now, he is such a knowledgeable guy in training and throwing that getting to learn from him one on one is something I can't ever pass up.

I am still two weeks out from my next games in CA.  Here is how my week’s workouts broke down.


Throwing and getting learned by Bert Sorin himself.

Ostone: x 15 best of 60'
Hwfd: x 6 best of 43'
Lwfd: x 6 best of 83' on the Sorinex uphill

Notes: things felt solid nit great but always fun getting to throw with
Guys I look up too.

Bar x 10
135 x 5 x 2
225 x 5 x 2
315 x 3 x 5

Stretch and shoulder rehab.

Post: boneless Buffalo wings,
Pm shake
Tens and ice on elbow.

Camera battery died on me i need new batteries.  I am going to try and video tomorrow.

Pvc jav stretch

Btn push jerk-
Bar x 10
135x 10 x 2
225 x 5 x 2
225 x 3 x 2
275 x 3 x 5

Since I am at Sorinex house of awesome I got to play with a Power factor today.  I think I will be adding one of these to my training. (Device that measures bar speed)

Shoulder mobility:
4x 10 each way
Red band and db

16 hammer x 15
Working wit the wee Bert Sorin, starting I think to have an idea of what
I’m supposed to do here.


jump rope
foam/pvc roll

bar x 10
135 x 10 x 2
225 x 5
315 x 3
405 x 3 x 5

A little bit of everything just staying in rhythm.  I Didn’t measure anything

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