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August 18, 2011

8*17*11 training and throwing video and some other stuff from Iceland.....

Here are some more of the pictures from Iceland.  I figure all of my actual friends have heard stories but having a BLOG is like a new friends that doesn't know anything about how amazing I am.  So Here is some stuff with a couple of comments to fill you in.

 Here is 4 time Worlds Stongest Man Magnús Ver Magnússon and I after my carry.
 Here is Spencer like most things trying and doing it wrong.
 Still failing.  "I just don't know what to do with my hands + there is no where to put my cigarettes."
 This picture represents the dichotomy of our relationship.  Where I represent all that is good, strong and amazing.  Spencer represent everything that is FAIL and AWFUL.

Also if you were wondering is Spencer the type of guy who give cameras the finger.  Well no need to wonder anymore, he is that guy and he also play acoustic guitar at bars and parties.  Still you bag of shit.
Here is me in Iceland carrying the infamous Hussafelt Stone.  This same stone has been carried in multiple Worlds Strongest Man competitions.  With all the history behind it I was proud to be part of it.  

Here is a Turkish Getup I did for a contest.  This was done out at Sorinex.  Always something fun happens while I'm training out there with those mutants.

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