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January 31, 2012

Strength 8.1 continued

"I am a Mother Fucker" it taunted.
Taking today to finish yesterdays shit lifting was the right move.   I know better.  You can't serve two masters.  You will just suck at both.  The decision has to be made which is a priority right now throwing shot or building strength for the Season.  I have two weeks left so not time to back off lifting yet.   I will still be playing with the shot I just need to cut down on the volume during the training and not try and throw same day I lift.  This week is going to be a little fucky anyway, since TOSSAPOLOOZA is this weekend in Houston and I am going to throw a shit ton.

bar x 10
135 x 10
225 x 3
315 x 3
345 x 3
365 x 3 x 2

3 x 10

Good Mornings:
3 x 10

Prowler: +90lbs
8 trips sub 1 min rest

January 30, 2012

1*30*12 Indoor shot and Strength 8.1

So schedule changed a bit this week and today was my opportunity to go and throw at LSU.  Since my chances to get actual coaching are rare I will take it when I can get it.

18# standing x 10 best of 50'
18# fulls x 5 best of 57'
16# fulls x 15 best of 63'

Things are still feeling off throwing out of a legit ring but they are getting better each week.  The meet I am intending on doing is not till middle of Feb so I have time to not suck.  I am happy with the distances but saving a decent throw right now may not be in the realm of possibilities.

Lifting:  Real shit show
bar x 10
135 x 5
225 x 3
315 x 3
405 x 3
495 x 3
585 x 3
605 x 3

This was the heaviest feeling training day I can recall in a long time.  The last set of squats were gross.  I left pretty bummed about it and decided not to bench since it went so bad.  After I got home and started looking through my throws videos I realized how many throws I took.  I am just happy I was able to hit RXd.  Next week will be a different story.  I will get my shit together and do it right.  Tomorrow is going to be the second half of this training day.

The additional throwing is going to hurt my strength training right now but I want to take a shot at hitting a big mark at an indoor meet so we will see.  I think I can be fine next week on test week if I plan a bit better for both.

January 28, 2012

1*28*12 Weekend Tossing

Got the chance to catch up with a couple of my old College Track team mates and spend a nice day out tossing.  Lots of laughs and bullshit was talked.  Great times.  Next weekend is Tossapolooza in TX can't wait.

Stands x 5 best 53'
Fulls x 6 best of 60'

LWFD x 6 best of 90'

HWFD x 5 best of 45'

Right on track I guess.  Technically things feels solid in these events so I am just staying fresh with a couple reps while I am lifting heavy.

January 27, 2012

Strength 7.3 OLYMPIC DAY

Never fear a mans front... no homo

Standard Warm-up:

bar x 5
135 x 5
225 x 3
325 x 3 x 3

225 x 3
245 x 3 x 3

box jumps:
3 x 10

single leg jumps:
3 x 10

10 trips

I need to start doing all of my conditioning every week I am usually good for 2 days but I need to be doing 3 at least.

January 26, 2012

ARTICLE: Master Craftsman

ARTICLE:  Master Craftsman

            My father was a boiler maker by trade.  I remember him welding at home on projects and taking pride in his ability to do so.  Welding was not a job for him but something he loved doing.  He earned a living and a great life for my brother and me by working with his hands.  He took pride in what he did, and worked hard to excel at it.  Listening to the stories he tells and some of the characters from his stories; dickhead bosses, drunks, guys he learned from, various old men, and your typical field workers.  See this life is something that was instilled in me from an early age.  Take pride in what you do and work hard.  This idea of having a trade is lost on me professionally.  As I am sure is with most of us.  Easy days behind a desk and years spent in class rooms instead of working. 
             What I am getting at is that I have discovered is that I am a craftsman no different.  Time and education have provided me some opportunities that my father did not have, but my opportunities are the fruits of his labor no different.  I spend my time honing my skills and mastering my craft.  Mastering a craft or trade is no different for me than it was him.  I am committed and will sacrifice for it; blood, sweat, tear, scars, surgery, injuries, vomit, and time are the price I have paid.  Not unlike a master craftsman like a motorcycle builder I have traveled to train with and learn firsthand from the people I admire in my trade.  I have spent the last 15 years lifting hard and with aim at becoming a better athlete.  Only the last 5 years do I think I have become a master in this trade.  A long time ago I read that it take 10 years to be great at anything.  Remember that if you are new to lifting, 10 years no tricks.  It is time that will harden you.
               No amount of reading internet forums, trolling YouTube, or trying half cocked lifting plans from magazines will get you there.  These are all great resources but only once you have developed the proper filters that let you ignore the bullshit.  I don’t have any idols in the strength game that I have not spent a substantial amount of 1-on-1 time personally talking or training with.  This is important for me to learn firsthand and get to know these people not just what personality they put on display for the masses.  This is a personal thank you to all of those that have taken time to help me learn more in my pursuit.  So my recommendation is take some time and make the trip to meet the people anyway you can and learn from them.  Hone your tools and prepare them for a lifetime of labor.  Make some mistakes but let them be your mistakes to learn from.  Have some conviction about what is important to you and never stay from those basic ideas.  Quit trying to find a loop hole to your goals and pin your ears back and take it on head first.  10 long years, get to work.

January 25, 2012

1*25*12 Strength 7.2

Typical Training day.

Standard warm-up:

Strict Press:
bar x 10
135 x 5
225 x 5
275 x 1
285 x 1
295 x o miss
Push Press:
325 x 5
345 x 5
355 x 1
was supposed to go for 5 but I have dropped a bit of weight from being sick.  Sitting 278 right now.  This is not a big deal but it definitely affects my top end strength.  I will trade some of it for consistent throwing days soon enough. 

315 x 5
405 x 5
495 x 5
555 x 5 x 3

Single arm Rows:
3 x 10 @ 200

Pull ups:
3 x 10

Started reading Kitchen Confidential.  It is pretty rad I am looking forward to going through it.  The little bit I have read makes me want to write more so I will probably have a new article out tomorrow.

January 24, 2012

1*24*12 Tossing indoor shot


I am going to be throwing once a week fro a little bit back at LSU working on the indoor shot.  They are hosting a meet in Feb. So I will get a chance to take a crack at it.

Stands x 5 best of 54'
fulls x 15 best of 63'

I need to get better conditioned to handle that type of volume.

January 23, 2012

1*23*12 Strength 7.1

Well still feeling kinda shitty, but time to press on.  Pre workout shake and get to work.  Thanks to my great supplement sponsors for providing me with great products to help keep me training while not feeling 100%.

CONQUEST NUTRITION - I was able to use this shake since I have not been hungry, great meal replacement for me.  Also great to have in the truck keeps me from driving cheeseburgers into me 5 at a time.

USPLabs- Jack3d and Modern BCAA continually turning days I don't think I should lift into solid training.  There is some bullshit out there regarding the safety of Jack3d.  Well I am here to say take as directed like a fucking adult and there is no problem.  

Standard Warm-up:   

Front Squat:
135 x 10
225 x 5
315 x 5
405 x 5
505 x 1

Back Squat:
565 x 5 x 2

135 x 5
225 x 5
315 x 5
355 x 5 x 2

Since I am feeling not 100% this is a perfect day that I can go in get the main work done and call it.

January 21, 2012

1*21*12 6.3 Strength. The continuing saga of shitty Olympic lifts and bad cabers.

My best caber day ever... glad to make it count.

So I still feel all congested in my head and the drugs have me swimming a bit.  But what am I going to do just lay on the couch and watch Top Gear?  Nah I have a shitty workout and get he RX'd sets and reps then go out and enjoy the 80* weather and play with my awful caber.  I did take a short minute to make a wedge so that I can stand the caber up by my self.

Standard warm-up

135 x 5
225 x 3
275 x 3
305 x 3 x 2

135 x 3
225 x 3 x 3

I also rode the spin bike in between sets for a mile.  So a little cardio is going to help get me a little quicker when I enter the speed phase in a couple weeks.  I am still a bit heavier right now than I want to be.  Would like to be 275-280 not 280-285.  Not a big difference but some simple changes will take care of it.

pick and walk x 5
throws x 10 ( 3 fifers out of the group)
I sure hope that this thing is that hard and not that I suck this bad at caber.  I figure I get better at repetition and most pros who are good at caber have been at it for 5years or more.  They also do roughly 20 games a year.  3 attempts at caber a game.  That comes to 3 x 20 x 5= 300 caber attempts to start to catch up.

I knocked 15 down to day only 285 to go.

January 20, 2012



Sick throwing as in I am still a bit under the weather.  Nothing major just feels like very light flu symptoms.  WORK DRUGS! So after taking all day yesterday off and being crazy sore from lifting heavy early in the week compounded with this stupid bug.  I decided to day to get off the ass and do some tossing.  Nothing major just a good warm-up and a couple solid throws.  I have new shoes to test out as well.

Standard warm-up:
more dynamic warm-up today since I was out side.
(bounding, little running, stretch)

Open stone:
standing x 3 best of 54'
full x 5 best of 61' with 3 of them 59'+

fulls x 4 best of 85'


I have not been working my throw hardly at all right now.  I am very stiff and sore but thing felt good.  I always have thrown well when sore.  This was especially true early season, I could use soreness to allow me to feel positions better.  Whatever it is my throws are going up and I am not trying to really work on them yet.  Next Block I will be throwing 2 times a week.

All in all the new shoes are rad.  I was concerned about the way the sole is so stiff and the toes up, but this is not an issue and they are very fast.  They are getting closer and closer to feeling just like throwing shoes on cement.  This is what I am looking for.  I need quick turning, but not slippery in the grass.  They seem to be perfect.  The Jav boots are still great but I like my shoes the same way I like my ladies, with a low top.  So i can see their boobs.  Get it.  I like boobs.

January 19, 2012


Can't wait to go back to ICELAND

Article: Warm-up and Recovery
One of the main things I have learned over the last 15 years of training is how to properly warm-up.  This is not something that I am always great about.  When I do take time to be diligent and focus on my stretching and recovery I notice great results both in max effort as well as shorter recovery time between hard training.  This allows me to Work harder more often.  That allows me to get more awesome at a faster rate.  Why wouldn’t you want to get more awesome?  If you don’t like being incredible I am sure you can find some sport to play where no one loses and everyone gets a trophy. 

Standard Warm-Up:
  • ·         5 min of cardio (start sweating)
  • ·         Leg swings 10 swings each way
  • ·         Arm Swings 10 swings each way
  • ·         Kneeling Hip Stretch x 10 seconds each side
  • ·         Groin Stretch x 10 seconds each side
  • ·         PVC Stretching  shoulder dislocates x 10 reps
  • ·         Shoulder Mobility use band or light dumbell:  x 10 reps each way
  • ·         Hip and low back mobility: 10 sec each side
  • ·         Foam or PVC rolling: 10 reps over each side

If you are not accustomed to warming up this is going to seem tough and pretty taxing.  That is an indicator of how out of shape you are and in need of this.  After two weeks of this, 5 days a week it will go much quicker and you will see immediate results from it.  This increase in flexibility will help your throwing as well.  The more separation you can get from upper to lower body the more time you have to apply force on the implement.

The other half of this is proper recovery.  I know that after a workout typically you want nothing but to get out of the gym and back on with whatever you have to do.  This is something that is also going t allow you to train harder more frequently.  Think of it as a cool down.

PWO Recovery:
  • ·         Foam or PVC  roll: x 10 each side
  • ·         Easy stretching         
  • ·         Contrast showers
  • ·         EAT AND SLEEP

I know that the last one seems obvious but most people screw this up as well.  There is an old saying that there is no such thing as overtraining, just under eating and under sleeping.  If you are going to push your body to give you optimal results you have to give it all the things it needs to get there.

            I know that there have been debates for as long as training has existed to the value of warming up and stretching.  I don’t much give a shit about what all that says this is what works for me.  If I don’t do this I run into many more issues of small injuries.  No one ever became the BOSS sitting on the sideline hurt.  Take care of yourself and see what works for you.

January 18, 2012

1*18*12 Strength 2.6.2

I used to dominate.  Few have had as much fun as me.
Another training session down.

standard warm-up:

Push Press:
bar x 10
135 x 5
225 x 5
315 x 5
335 x 5 x 2

135 x 5
225 x 5
315 x 5
405 x 5
495 x 5
535 x 5 x 1

single arm rows:
3 x 10 @ 175

Weighted dips:
3 x 10

contrast x 5 or until the LBP goes away.

Today was one of those days in the gym.  Work has gotten busy but that is life.  I was able to get my shit together enough to hit RX'd and get the work done.  There was nothing spectacular that happened today.  Some days you feel great and you can go for it and other days you just have to get the work in to move to the next day.  Today was the latter.

In good news I found out that if I google Matt Vincent on images the first to lead to Bear tumblers.  I am just stoked to be popular, I wish they would find my blog.

January 16, 2012

1*16*12 Training 2.6 and Next Level Throwing Shoes

I can probably do a hundred in these.  


Standard Warm-up:

Front Squat:
bar x 10
135 x 5
225 x 5
315 x 5
365 x 5
405 x 5 x 2

bar x 10
135 x 10
225 x 5
315 x 5
365 x 5 x 2

Good Mournings:
3 x 10

3 x 10

So back in the gym after a deload and throwing front squats in the mix was tough.  I will be better next week.

I go in the mail the beginnings of my NEW gear for the year.  I am switching shoes.  I have decided to go with High Jump Shoes.  They are same cleat pattern as Jav boots but much lighter, stiffer, and low top.  Plus they look BAD ASS.  I also got in some socks but they are not the exact color I want so the hunt continues.

January 14, 2012

1*14*12 TOSSAPOLOOZA!!!! Weekend of February 4th.

I went to Tossapolooza then took 2nd at Worlds... just saying


On the weekend of Feb 4th Saturday and Sunday we are having our second annual TOSSAPOLOOZA at The Wharehouse Gym in League City TX.  Last year we had 25 people come out to do some throwing and training.  This is much less of a formal clinic than a semi-organized weekend training.  Come out and play around with all of the throws.  We will have pro-strongman, pro-highland games throwers as well as some of the Top Amateur throwers in the country.

This is a great time to come and try to learn a couple of things it is only $20 all donated to the gym for letting us use the space.  BYOB and come party.  Last year we threw 8 events talked training, drank a lots, played battle shuffle board, took full turns into the punching game at a bar, and put on the shittiest discus exhibition the world has ever seen.

Be part of it or don't it is your life honestly.  I'm not a doctor but I'm pretty certain if you don't come out there is a good chance you fellate homeless guys.  That is not coming from me personally just passing on what the word on the street is.

January 13, 2012

1*13*12 Olympic lifting and Tossing

Trying not to shit myself...Oysters for lunch and cleans do not mix


Since it is a deload week.  I decided to spend it with a little more cardio, working olympic lifting tech, and tossing.  Here is how it went.


My brother was in town two days and is getting ready for the North vs South challenge in FL.  This takes all the top ams and sets up a highland games team style competition.  This is probably one of the top three Am games in the country.

best of throwing:
open stone:  60'
lwfd: 86'
sheaf: 32'6"
caber: turned the bastard (after cutting a foot off of it.  and by turn i mean 3 o'clock and fifers)
lt hammer:  135'

Olympic lifting:  I am working on technique here trying to get used to a hook grip and dropping to catch weight no matter the weight.

lots of reps at 318lbs

Things are back on for lifting Monday, and front squatting is going down on this 5 week cycle.  Should be fun.

January 09, 2012

1*9*12 Recovery and Deload this week

I mustache you a question.  Custom platform.  SMART!!!
Deload week

I am far less beat up than I expected following the PL meet.  The only thing currently still beat up is my upper back, but it is getting better quickly.  I now my CNS is still a bit fried though.  I had lots of trouble typing ( well more than usual).  So this week I am focusing on conditioning and recovery work.  Also some light lifting.  I may later in the week go for some heavier Olympic lifts.

Standard Warm-up:
Spent a little extra time on rolling upper back and working a lacrosse ball.

Round 1:
Spin bike x 1 mile
Cleans x 10 @ 55

Round 2:
Spin bike x 1 mile
Cleans x 8 @ 145

Round 3:
Spin bike x 1 mile
Cleans x 6 @ 235

Round 4:
Spin bike x 1 mile
Clean x  4 @ 285

Round 5:
Spin bike x 1 mile
Clean x 3 @ 305

Round 6:
Spin bike x 1 mile
Clean x 3 @ 318

Round 7:
Spin bike x 1 mile
Clean x 3 @ 338

This felt good and was pretty rough.  I was gassed after it but I wanted to work on my clean technique.  I decided to work on hook grip today and it was the 1st time it did not feel as though my thumbs were being torn off.  This will be further investigated.  The problem is that if I use straps I can not catch the weight as far back as I would like and I can't get under it to front squat it up.

January 07, 2012

1*7*12 Test Week PL meet instead


So instead of doing my heavy singles this week at home in the garage I decided to go out and do a raw PL meet.  I had a great time and it was a well run contest by the RAW 504 crew in Nola.  Things went well. I wish I had more of a story to tell about it but I don't.  I paid some dudes to watch me lift and they did a good job of that.

I went 7 of 9 on the day.  The only mishap was on Bench, and me not being that comfortable with the rules that this fed uses.  I missed 325 due to my head coming off the bench and 405 on third attempt because I jumped the start command.  Oh well.  As far as calling it good, it works for me but 360 is what counted in competition and toward my total.

The weights I picked were dead on other than bench.  I don't think I could have gotten any more out of the dead or squat.

So to sum it up it went like this:

675 PR

405 PR

665 PR

1705 TOTAL @ 284

Video shows best lifts in each so I did not feel the need to make you watch me do all 9 lifts.  Also shows me looking fucking gross in a singlet.

January 04, 2012

Highland Throwing CLINIC... 2-25 Fort Worth, TX

Here is the information for the games and the Clinic.  The entry form is down on the bottom.  Check it out.  This has been a great games for the last two years that I have been going.  Come out and compete or come on Saturday and take in the Clinic.

My brother Andy and I will be working on improving your technique in all of the events.  It will be a great time and as always a good weekend.  This will be great fro anyone Novice to A class amateur.  We are setting it as a minimum of 15 people for the clinic and capping it at 25.  We don't want there to be to many people for everyone to get the proper number of reps.

On Sunday the 26th the games will be held.  So you can put to use all of the information from the day before.   The TX heavies group put on a great games and always feed all of the competitors as well as have plenty of beers on hand for when the game is over.  Great chance to get some good numbers up early in the season.

Pictures from last years games.

ARTICLE: Chasing the Dragon

Brain Oldfield- a competitor in everything, any time or place.

Chasing the Dragon

            There is a lot of thought that goes into my training.  All of it has a purpose and a goal.  I have spoke about this in the past about training for a reason.  The other part of this is being willing to test yourself.  I have not gotten the chance to compete since The Stone Mountain Highland Games on October 15th.  I am starting to get that itchy feeling and there is only one way to take care of it.

I do not have another Highland Games till March.  So since that is not an option, I am going to find something else to test myself.  So what am I currently doing training wise?  I am lifting my ass off to get stronger.  Well there you go I am going to drag my mangy ass down to New Orleans plop my $60.00 down and throw my hat in the ring at a Raw Powerlifting meet.  There is no money to win, no trophies (worth a damn), and I am certainly not going to break any records.  Honestly I am probably going to put up a respectable total for the 198lbs class.  What I am going to gain however is more and more confidence in me as a competitor.
The ability to turn it on, on game day is not a gift.  It is a skill that is learned.  I have spent the last 10+ years competing in various things that were not team sports.  I rely on me and me alone.  This way if I fail it is my fault and I am to blame.  Also I know that if I succeed it is because I stood up and made it happen.  This fire is something that I have always had I did not care if it was driveway basketball or checkers.  I don’t understand any other way than putting yourself into a situation that is either fail or succeed and give it hell.  The more you can harness that type of energy and are comfortable in the environment that is asking the best from you the better you will be able to perform.  This will help you in every aspect of your life.  No one ever talked shit about a guy that was impervious to folding under pressure.
In short I don’t care what it is that you do, Running, Crossfit, weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strongman, Highland Games, or Chess but if you are going to do it get better at it.  The only way to keep getting better is to go face to face with someone or yourself and see where you are at.  I am by no means a good powerlifter, but I am an athlete and athletes compete.  So I am going to step up, put myself in an unfamiliar environment, and deal with the rules that they have set.  I will come out better than I was before for it.

January 02, 2012

1*2*12 Strength 3.1 Squatting PR 605 x 3

So gearing up for the upcoming meet this weekend.  I decided to work up to a heavy triple.  Things are feeling good and I am not interesting is shutting down training totally for the meet.  I will lift whatever I can.  I miss competing and need to feel that buzz again.

Standard Warm -up

bar x 10
135 x 3
225 x 3
315 x 3
405 x 1
495 x 1
555 x 1
605 x 3 PR

I am happy with this and this will be my opener in the squat.  So it looks like the rest of the week is going to be recovery and throwing.

BW is 285 and I am going to clean up the diet this week.  If I am under 280 on Wed I may cut down to 275 but chances are slim.  Instead I have an entire bag of Oreo's and half gallon of milk I am going to drink Thursday night.

Openers are:

I can easily hit a triple on all of these lifts following the fed guide lines.  I have nothing to p[rove here and no concerns about records.  If I am lucky I can go 9 of 9 and put up a good raw total for the 198 class.  So Ill start light and go for broke after with no pressure of bombing. 

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