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January 04, 2012

ARTICLE: Chasing the Dragon

Brain Oldfield- a competitor in everything, any time or place.

Chasing the Dragon

            There is a lot of thought that goes into my training.  All of it has a purpose and a goal.  I have spoke about this in the past about training for a reason.  The other part of this is being willing to test yourself.  I have not gotten the chance to compete since The Stone Mountain Highland Games on October 15th.  I am starting to get that itchy feeling and there is only one way to take care of it.

I do not have another Highland Games till March.  So since that is not an option, I am going to find something else to test myself.  So what am I currently doing training wise?  I am lifting my ass off to get stronger.  Well there you go I am going to drag my mangy ass down to New Orleans plop my $60.00 down and throw my hat in the ring at a Raw Powerlifting meet.  There is no money to win, no trophies (worth a damn), and I am certainly not going to break any records.  Honestly I am probably going to put up a respectable total for the 198lbs class.  What I am going to gain however is more and more confidence in me as a competitor.
The ability to turn it on, on game day is not a gift.  It is a skill that is learned.  I have spent the last 10+ years competing in various things that were not team sports.  I rely on me and me alone.  This way if I fail it is my fault and I am to blame.  Also I know that if I succeed it is because I stood up and made it happen.  This fire is something that I have always had I did not care if it was driveway basketball or checkers.  I don’t understand any other way than putting yourself into a situation that is either fail or succeed and give it hell.  The more you can harness that type of energy and are comfortable in the environment that is asking the best from you the better you will be able to perform.  This will help you in every aspect of your life.  No one ever talked shit about a guy that was impervious to folding under pressure.
In short I don’t care what it is that you do, Running, Crossfit, weightlifting, Powerlifting, Strongman, Highland Games, or Chess but if you are going to do it get better at it.  The only way to keep getting better is to go face to face with someone or yourself and see where you are at.  I am by no means a good powerlifter, but I am an athlete and athletes compete.  So I am going to step up, put myself in an unfamiliar environment, and deal with the rules that they have set.  I will come out better than I was before for it.

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