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January 24, 2012

1*24*12 Tossing indoor shot


I am going to be throwing once a week fro a little bit back at LSU working on the indoor shot.  They are hosting a meet in Feb. So I will get a chance to take a crack at it.

Stands x 5 best of 54'
fulls x 15 best of 63'

I need to get better conditioned to handle that type of volume.


  1. Jealous of you for having a place to throw indoors! Looks like you are progressing through you illness too. Gotta shake that shit, son! Check out my blog and help me with my rotations(as I have been a glider since '98).

  2. I will check it out. The easiest thing I see, is the number of reps you are putting into stone right now. There are 9 events remember. Also why are you training the full spin and glide? I would stick to one of them.

  3. Thanks for checking it out. I used to be much better at the stone(thing I usually won in B class) so I have been working on it hard to get back up now that I've lost 50 or so pounds. Also...the weather has been shit so I made that indoor/street stone, but I just finished a WFD I can train on concrete with. In the last three weeks I have been mudded/rained out of all my scheduled practice sessions. I usually hit about 66% of the events over a two week span. I am working on a WOB...but caber and sheaf are somethings I will have to get REAL creative with to make/do. I appreciate all the help I can get, thank you.

  4. As far as spin versus glide. I was a glider, but with the weight loss I feel I will generate more torque and speed with the spin. I was always able to snap throw just about as far as I could glide it out. Just need something to fall back on incase my spin isn't good come April.


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