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January 13, 2012

1*13*12 Olympic lifting and Tossing

Trying not to shit myself...Oysters for lunch and cleans do not mix


Since it is a deload week.  I decided to spend it with a little more cardio, working olympic lifting tech, and tossing.  Here is how it went.


My brother was in town two days and is getting ready for the North vs South challenge in FL.  This takes all the top ams and sets up a highland games team style competition.  This is probably one of the top three Am games in the country.

best of throwing:
open stone:  60'
lwfd: 86'
sheaf: 32'6"
caber: turned the bastard (after cutting a foot off of it.  and by turn i mean 3 o'clock and fifers)
lt hammer:  135'

Olympic lifting:  I am working on technique here trying to get used to a hook grip and dropping to catch weight no matter the weight.

lots of reps at 318lbs

Things are back on for lifting Monday, and front squatting is going down on this 5 week cycle.  Should be fun.

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