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January 20, 2012



Sick throwing as in I am still a bit under the weather.  Nothing major just feels like very light flu symptoms.  WORK DRUGS! So after taking all day yesterday off and being crazy sore from lifting heavy early in the week compounded with this stupid bug.  I decided to day to get off the ass and do some tossing.  Nothing major just a good warm-up and a couple solid throws.  I have new shoes to test out as well.

Standard warm-up:
more dynamic warm-up today since I was out side.
(bounding, little running, stretch)

Open stone:
standing x 3 best of 54'
full x 5 best of 61' with 3 of them 59'+

fulls x 4 best of 85'


I have not been working my throw hardly at all right now.  I am very stiff and sore but thing felt good.  I always have thrown well when sore.  This was especially true early season, I could use soreness to allow me to feel positions better.  Whatever it is my throws are going up and I am not trying to really work on them yet.  Next Block I will be throwing 2 times a week.

All in all the new shoes are rad.  I was concerned about the way the sole is so stiff and the toes up, but this is not an issue and they are very fast.  They are getting closer and closer to feeling just like throwing shoes on cement.  This is what I am looking for.  I need quick turning, but not slippery in the grass.  They seem to be perfect.  The Jav boots are still great but I like my shoes the same way I like my ladies, with a low top.  So i can see their boobs.  Get it.  I like boobs.

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