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January 04, 2012

Highland Throwing CLINIC... 2-25 Fort Worth, TX

Here is the information for the games and the Clinic.  The entry form is down on the bottom.  Check it out.  This has been a great games for the last two years that I have been going.  Come out and compete or come on Saturday and take in the Clinic.

My brother Andy and I will be working on improving your technique in all of the events.  It will be a great time and as always a good weekend.  This will be great fro anyone Novice to A class amateur.  We are setting it as a minimum of 15 people for the clinic and capping it at 25.  We don't want there to be to many people for everyone to get the proper number of reps.

On Sunday the 26th the games will be held.  So you can put to use all of the information from the day before.   The TX heavies group put on a great games and always feed all of the competitors as well as have plenty of beers on hand for when the game is over.  Great chance to get some good numbers up early in the season.

Pictures from last years games.

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