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January 14, 2012

1*14*12 TOSSAPOLOOZA!!!! Weekend of February 4th.

I went to Tossapolooza then took 2nd at Worlds... just saying


On the weekend of Feb 4th Saturday and Sunday we are having our second annual TOSSAPOLOOZA at The Wharehouse Gym in League City TX.  Last year we had 25 people come out to do some throwing and training.  This is much less of a formal clinic than a semi-organized weekend training.  Come out and play around with all of the throws.  We will have pro-strongman, pro-highland games throwers as well as some of the Top Amateur throwers in the country.

This is a great time to come and try to learn a couple of things it is only $20 all donated to the gym for letting us use the space.  BYOB and come party.  Last year we threw 8 events talked training, drank a lots, played battle shuffle board, took full turns into the punching game at a bar, and put on the shittiest discus exhibition the world has ever seen.

Be part of it or don't it is your life honestly.  I'm not a doctor but I'm pretty certain if you don't come out there is a good chance you fellate homeless guys.  That is not coming from me personally just passing on what the word on the street is.

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