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November 28, 2011

11*27*11 1*2*3*3 and some upcoming goals

So knocked out some Dead yesterday.  I figured since I had spent the better part of two days playing xbox I needed to do something.

Here is how it went.

Sorry about the way it posted I copied and pasted from a training log.  It makes it do dumb shit.

Standard Warm-up: 
10 min on spin bike 

bar x 10 
145 x 10 
235 x 10 
375 x 4 x 10 

235 x 3 x 5 

Good mornings: 
145 x 3x 10 

Things are feeling good. The Calf is on its way back to 
100%. Next week is my last week of high volume. I am 
chomping at the bit for some testing. I will finish this 
week as rx'd then move on to a test week. I will be 
looking for MR. 

squat 585 x 8 
dead 585 x 8 
OH 315 x 8 
bench 315 x 8 

This will give me estimated 1rm where I want to be. I 
think I overestimated my Pressing maxes going into this 
cycle. But I will have a firm number to go with into the 
strength cycle. 

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