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December 13, 2011

Article: Deloading - take the time off to keep making gains.

This has nothing to do with the article, but I don't have and SFW pictures of me delaoding.

Keep making gains.
Building a deload into a program is a necessary part of any smart successful training.  For the majority of the season I deload week every 5th week.  You will accomplish a number of things by doing this.  Giving your body a chance to relax is key when lifting hard for extended periods of time.  Many people handle deloads differently; some completely abandon the gym while others train really light through them.  I personally have found the most benefit from still going to the gym and going through my typical Warm-up and Stretching.  As far as lifting goes I never go any heavier than 50% during my deload week.  I am trying to accomplish some increased blood flow and making sure all soreness is gone before next block starts.  I maintain all of my conditioning during this week as well as my throwing.
Example of typical deload week training.

Standard Warm-up
Bar x 10
50% x 3x 10
Bar x 10
50% x 3 x 10
Good Mornings:
135 x 10
Prowler or Circuit Training:
10 trips or rounds

            By doing this, you will help alleviate any tweaks or minor training soreness.  The other main aspect for a deload week is a mental break from training.  Many times when I get to a deload week I am feeling great and want to keep pushing.  It is still important to deload as prescribed.  This is also a time to refocus and will keep you hungry to get back in the gym.  It is always better to want to train hard, than to feel like it has become a chore.  Having that fire in your gut to keep you pushing hard in your training is important, keep it there.  No reason to keep pushing only to burn out or get hurt when you can deload and stay motivated

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