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December 07, 2011

12*7*11 Past Couple Days OH testing PR 345 x 7

So training is pretty slow this week from it being a test week.  Ill be back at normal in two weeks.  next week all throwing and light lifting.

Yesterday Andy was in town and we took a couple hammer throws out in the cold shit weather.  40* and misting rain.  Other then it being tricky to keep a good hold in the hammer things feel like they are getting better.

22 hammer: 2 turns best of 103'  my pr is 107'
16 hammer: 2 turns best of 135' PR is 135'

Here is some video  The battery was dying so like the Humble generous host I am I let Andy keep filming his.  My last throw is 22# 103'

Things feel like they are starting to click in the hammer.  I feel my feet working also feel it get long and accelerate out.  I will keep working the 2 turn and eventually move to 3 when I can handle the extra speed.  Until then crush the right side.

Today's Training:

I am still testing my MR this week.  So far things have been good other than me overestimating my squat.  Tonight I went for my MR Overhead Press.  I do a Push Press for my overhead I think it translates to the throws better than a jerk.  I want the feeling of power transfer all the way from feet to the hands.

Took some time to warm-up since it was cold in the garage.  Under 40* tonight in there.  I want a thermometer for inside there.  I know the summer heat is brutal.  I digress here is the lifting.

bar x 10
145 x 5
235 x 3
285 x 3
345 x 7 PR

This is going to give me a training max of 425lbs.  I am happy with this.  I am looking forward to see what happens in 5 more weeks of a strength cycle.

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  1. dude your outta control, stoked for you. keep up the good work! -wooster


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