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December 18, 2011

12*18*11 Weekend of throwing


This past weekend I got the chance to meet up with my brother and Duncan in Houston to do some throws training.  We took three days and hit all of the events pretty hard.  This was a good week I have not thrown this much since Worlds in Sept.  This is also a chance to see where things are technically and how the training so far as translating into the throws.

heavy hammer x 15  best of 113'
light hammer x 15 best of 135'

Open Stone: x 20 best of 60' off concrete
                    x 10 best of 57' in grass
HWFD: x 20 best of 44' with about 10+ throws 42'+
Sheaf: x 20
LWFH:  for fun x 20  (trying to throw over a 25' fence.)

LWFD: x 15 best of 84'
WFH x 5

This was a great weekend and glad to have a bit of a throws check before starting my Strength cycle tomorrow.  With things switching to a three day a week training and 2 days throwing I am excited to start pushing the max strength for the next 10 weeks.

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