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December 13, 2011

12*12*11 Throwing building volume


This week is a deload week.  I need it, my shoulders are tired form the testing last week.  So I am going to spend this week getting some needed throwing in.  The next cycle of my training is going to include another day of throwing.  Do now 2 days a week of throwing and 3 days lifting.  My goal is to start getting the reps in in all my throws.  These are not high intensity throws, they are between 70% & 80% effort.  Just making sure that I am hitting positions and feeling what I need to feel.

Well here it is.
Going HAM:
warm-up 5 winds x 5
1 turns x 5
2 turns x 10 best of 113'

This is an improvement my current PR is 107'  I am going to need to get into the mid 110's to be competitive next season.

fulls x 10 easy throws best of 83'

x alot did not film all of them.  best of 55'

trying to work on balance and the feet here.  I need to start getting more over my left out of the back as well as turning the right foot over more in the middle.  Having a slow right foot leads to missing the hand for me.

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