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December 08, 2011

12*8*11 Bench PR 345 x 6 and my up coming training plans

Last day of testing.  I may go for a clean and snatch next week but who knows.  I am happy with the way things went this cycle.  I feel strong, my flexibility is up, and GPP is also good.  Throwing is coming along steadily as well.

Bench today:
345 x 6 PR

That sweet belly and my arch is gangsta.

This give me a training max of 415 for my strength cycle.

My programming is getting me what I want.  I am still making strength gains with out having to load my CNS every week.  Here are what my old maxes were and where I am now.

Squat:                             Oct. Max 600   Dec Max 585 x 3 = 640
Overhead press:              Oct. Max 375   Dec Max 345 x 7 = 425
Dead Lift:                       Oct. Max 600   Dec Max 555 x 10 = 740
Bench:                            Oct. Max 385   Dec Max 345 x 6 = 415

I built my last 10 weeks around these old maxes and never trained with anything over 65%.  Yet I still made sizable gains in all of my lifts.  These new maxes will be used for my next 10 weeks of training.  This cycle is going to be focused on making Max strength gains.  So heavier weights for less reps while continuing to keep conditioning and stretching a big part of training.  Throwing is going to increase to twice a week and a bit more volume.

1 comment:

  1. Great work! I can't help but laugh in amazement. Your OHP is my squat! I'm still shooting for a bodyweight OHP, 210lbs. That just MIGHT account for some of the trouble I'm having with Braemar stone.


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