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December 01, 2011

12*1*11 December is for Hammers

Loading the Petur stone in Iceland.


One of the many things that I need to desperately improve upon is my hammers.  So I am spending the majority of my time throwing these in training.  The ground is always soft enough for blades so I have no excuse now for why I suck at them.

1 turns x 10
2 turns x 7 best of 105" near PR

Really happy with this things started to feel good today.  The hips are moving I feel the ground with the blades and the head is getting out of the way.  I am doing a 2 wind right now.  Since I am doing a dynamic start I already have some momentum going and this rhythm feel really good right now.  I was planning on taking more except on the last one When I went to pull the hammer head shot off and I slapped the shit out of myself in the back with the pvc and fell down.  The right shoulder is not happy about this.  Sad no film, of course nothing happens while filming all 1000 of this off seasons boring squats but the one day I don't film my throwing I would have had gold.

2 turns x 10 best of 134' near PR

Again this is moving in the right direction.  I need much more work in the heavy than the light.  However with speed being the big factor I need to work the light to get moving.

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