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October 05, 2011

10*5*11 off day with active recovery and throwing

No lifting today.  This is good cause I am physically trashed from the last two days.  Everything is going just as planned.  Lifting is feeling good.  I am getting lots of blood flow and muscle fatigue without any joint pain.  This should continue for the next couple of weeks.

Diet-  Things have also been good on this all week.  I know "3 days Matt you truly are a martyr for your sport" but truth is diet is where I typically fall short.  I am like a fucking drug addict and I have to think about eating clean one meal at a time.  The biggest difference that come with this for me is further educating myself over the last couple years of what good food is.

The one time while I was throwing in college and tried to drop weight one summer I went from 265 to 239 in three months.  This is the lightest I have been in the last ten years.  I did this by not eating breakfast and doing 100+ miles a week on my road bike while still weight training hard.  My main source of food was fat free hot dogs, whole wheat fat free buns, fat free mayo, and home baking potato chips.  That and cans of fat free Chef Boyardee Ravioli.  Needless to say my lifts did not stay up and my throws went to shit.

Now my typical diet when I am focused on being clean is a bit more smart in regards to Macros, and by that I mean Lean Protiens, veggies, and rice or pasta.  I will do a write up on typical day of food for me.  That will come later.

As I said earlier I did not lift today so I did some active recovery work.

Standard Warm-up
Dynamic stretching in the field

16# shot:
overhead back x 10
front (w/ toes against toe board) x 5
stands no reverse x 5
stands w/ reverse x 5
fulls x 5
best of 55'

one turn x 5
fulls x 5
best of 40'

winds x 5
fulls about 75% x 10
working on position and getting back around pulling with the feet.
best of 101'

All and all today felt technically pretty good. I did not expect to throw well I'm so sore it hurts to sit down.  It is not the time to throw far that was three weeks ago at worlds and the body came through for me with 4 PRs.  It deserves a break from that so the focus can shit a bit.  The goal of throwing right now is just solid training reps.  I want to stay in about a 90% distance range on everything all off season.

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