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October 24, 2011

10*24*11 LAB 4.1 squats and some vomit and blood

So squatting tonight went well I guess.

Standard Warm-up:
lots of low back stretching since I spent 9 hrs in the truck for work today.  Also having a bit of a twinge in my right hamstring near where all the scar tissue is from ACL surgery, hopefully this is all breaking up.

Squat: as planned I decided to push it tonight

bar x 10
135 x 10 x 3
225 x 10 x 3
315 x 10
405 x 10
505 x 10 not going to do under 500 PR
This set felt awful 1st three were ok and the rest felt like Max effort singles.  Legs were real shaky after 8.  I am hoping to see what I can do with 585 in 5 weeks.

This resulted in the rarely seen cousin of the prowler flu.   It is the awful high volume leg pump FLU.  Just as bad after blowing my nose out last set and trying to catch my breath and bearings for 30 min I puked and all is right in the world.

accesory lifts:
breathing heavy x 30 min
speaking jibberish x 10 min
puke x 1
nose bleed x 1
cold bath.

I have video of the squats and will post tomorrow.

*NOV tip-  Earn the right to come to the gym squat and leave.  JW

1 comment:

  1. Nice squatting man. My legs hurt just watching.

    Not that it matters, but in the video, after 315x10, it looks like you put your 405 set. Then after 405x10, you put your 405 set again. In other words, 1:32-2:10 and 2:12-2:51 are both your 405 set.


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