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October 10, 2011

10*10*11 LAB 2:1 high volume legs.

Today was sweet got my head together for lifting.  These high volume days take a bit more mental preparation than my normal routine.

Pre workout shake:
jack3d +Modern BCAA

Standard Warm-up
added a spin bike to my arsenal.
extra rolling

bar x 10
135 x 10 x 2
225 x 10 x 2
275 x 10 x 4
305 x 10
PF > 2.8 ( I am not living and dying by these numbers at this point in my training.  However having that feedback each rep makes me push each rep as fast as I can.  This takes far more effort than I would have expected.
Next week the bulk of my work sets will be at 305# so I did my last one there.  Also cut down my rest time to under 3:00 min.

Good Mournings:
135 x 10 x 3
95 x 1 x 2 strict on form
legs were feeling wobbly already and the low back pump was brutal.

Dead lift: Trap bar w/ doubled red band:
135 x 10
275 x 10 x 4

Russian Twist:
135 x 10 x 5

10 min recovery ride on spin bike
sprint intervals 10sec on 50 sec recovery x 10 (change resistance for sprint)

Done legs were absolutely fried and low back is trashed.  Having the spin bike is going to be nice now I have another option for cardio without leaving my home.

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