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October 21, 2011

10*20*11 LAB 3.3 Day of the deads

So again a lifting partner was available so things went off course a bit.  Oh well.

Standard Warm up:  chilly in the garage 45*
added 10 min extra spin bike

bar x 10
145 x 10
235 x 10 x 2
275 x 10
295 x 10 x 2
305 x 10 x 2
all under 3 min rest

225 x 5 x 5

Seated Box Jumps:
3 x 10

single leg jumps:
3 x 10

After this I had a delicious lunch and then went to the tattoo shop to watch Dant do his family crest on his ribs.  6 hrs of fun, and since I can't sit at a tattoo shop with out getting something done I finished my left foot.  So now my feet are officially done and dedicated to my wonderful wife.

I am excited that it seems my plan of finishing all of my open tattoo work this off season is coming together.  I now just have to finish the rest of my back and I am done for a bit, till I start the left arm and chest.

Getting you feet tattooed feels by far the worst of anything I have had done.  Dant however looked pretty awful getting his ribs done.

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