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October 17, 2011

10*17*11 Stone MTN Games

Finished my week with lifting on Wed and Thursday.  Stayed on course so nothing interesting.  I have a video of Wed upper training and I will post that.

Thursday I got a contacted mid day to see if I was interested in heading to GA. to compete at the Stone Mountain Highland Games.  This is one of the games I have always wanted to do as an AM, but never had the chance for whatever reason.  So to my surprise I got the invite to come out and compete since Eric Frasue was not able to come due to an injury.  Part of the games with Highland Games in the Pro class (especially being a rookie) is to be flexible and able to go last minute.  So Friday morning I packed my stuff and rolled out.  8 hours later I was in GA.  To keep my expenses down on a trip like this is key so I used and found the cheapest place I could near the games.  $35.00 for the night.

This hotel was super shady.  It is one of those that you could can live at monthly for $600 a month.  It seemed like more of a halfway house.  I am not 100% on the type of residents but I got asked 3 separate times if I was a bounty hunter and what was the reward for helping.  *shakes head*  So at least my room came with a plastic covered mattress and roaches in the bathroom.  I set myself up for a good coma with night time shake and melatonin after a delicious steak in town.

Sat morning headed to the games and the weather was great all day.  Had a great time throwing with this group of guys.  Very laid back atmosphere to it and we all spent the majority of the day busting each others balls pretty well.  Here's the throwing breakdown.  I didn't video the games cause when I got to the filed I remembered my tri pod was in my truck and that was at least 100yrds from where I was. ( So lazy)

open stone 28# pound awfulness:  36' 1st
hwfd: 44' 1st
lwfd: 84' 1st
22 hamer:  97' no blades 3rd
caber: 1:30 4th 3 guys nailed 12:00
sheaf: 30' took a couple shots at 33' 1st tie
wob: 17' 1st

1st overall this was a great time and getting to throw with a talented group like this always makes you better.  I was happy to throw pretty decent despite all of the high volume stuff I have been doing.  I still dead lifted on Thursday  I told myself I would not break from my off season training to throw so I am not going to.


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