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October 23, 2011

10*23*11 weekend fun times

So I really didn't do much of anything this weekend and it was everything I could hope for.  I bought myself a new xbox360 game (Assassin's Creed 2, yeah its 2 years old but I want to play the new one so this will kill some time and catch me up on the story) and played it pretty much all weekend.  Other than that we cooked some fajitas, went to eat with my folks a couple times, and went to my cousins wedding.  I also got my left foot tattoo finished.  Now keep plugging away at my back and then on to something else.

Other than that I spent some time doing cardio.

30 min a day on spin bike.
did some intervals usually 10 second sprint on high resistance and 50 sec recover low resistance.
All of this was followed by a ton of stretching and rolling.

I have one more week of 10 x 10 then I get a deload week full of cardio.  Things with the diet seem to be going well.  I had to change a couple of things but all seems good.  I have another bachelor party next weekend Friday till Monday.  We are packing our shit into the big van and heading to Gainesville for Fest 10.  There are a ton of bands playing and even a couple I want to see.  This shindig should be similar to SXSW with better weather.

Fest 10 schedule

With all that said I am going to try to kill myself this week with the lifting may do some testing on the Squat and Pull.  I'd like to be able to take 585x 10 but that's not in the cards yet.

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  1. Matt, if you could only eat at one restaraunt in New Orleans what would it be?


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