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October 27, 2011

10*26*11 LAB 4.2 OH some pressing with Video

So after taking a day to do some cardio (spin bike sprints) and recover a bit more from the squats I am feeling pretty good right now.  Today's RX'd training is 10x10 OH I decided to push it again on these and see where I fall.

am cardio:
13.1 miles on spin bike couple 2 sets of intervals (10 sec sprint, 50 sec recover x 10)
watching season 1 of the walking dead.

Pre workout shake-
Modern BCAA usplabs
Jack3d- This is a great pre workout and the green apple flavor is donating part of the proceeds to Wounded Warrior.  Last year USPLabs donated over $700,000.00 to Wounded Warrior.  This is one of the few charities that I believe in.  To show my support next month any income made from ads on my BLOG I will be donating to Wounded Warrior.

Standard warm-up:

Push Press:
bar x 10
135 x 10 x 2
185 x 10 x 2
225 x 10 x 2
275 x 8 (rep PR)
185 x 10 x 2

*pretty happy with this considering all of the reps prior to get there.  I am  going to have a week of Rep max testing after My next 4 week cycle and I will not do all of the sets of 10 to get there.  I think this will be pretty good.

CG foam Bench:
135 x 10
185 x 10 x 3
225 x 10

Pullups: 50 reps
14, 12, 13, 8, 3  Really want to get to where I can pull this off in 4 sets consistently.

KB rows (added short red band to KB)
5 x 10

I'm a little wired off of the coffee this am.  Sorry for the long post and chit chat.  Just need to Dead Lift today and then head out for Bachelor party tomorrow.

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