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October 12, 2011

10*11*11 Training throwing with Video

Today's training was nice, Andy came this way for work and we had a chance to throw together.  It is always great to have anyone come and throw with me.  We had a chance to work on a couple things like unsuccessfully turning my caber, ostone, and lwfd.  All in all it was fun the legs are still not firing on all cylinders from the squatting but that is the plan.  Despite all of that the throws went well.

Caber x 8 best of 65*  BOOO!  this puts me 0-2 vs the caber

stand:  x 6 best of 51' using shot
Fulls: x 6 best of 59'  switched to the stone the shot was beating up my hands

LWFD: x 6 best of 85'

Now a sexy video for the ladies....
lean, like a gazelle... 

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