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February 15, 2012

ARTICLE: Deload week Q&A

I posted about wanting to do a Q&A on the blog here are a couple of the questions I got.  I will try and address the others but I think my week is about over and I will be back on the road all day tomorrow.  

Hey matt what's your training schedule a week out of comp?

This depends on what time of the year it is for me.  I will have games in the first half of the year that I will not break from training at all for it.  This would be for early season games, where I still have a good chance to make strength gains and throwing far is not the biggest concern. 

For a big game later in the season like a championship game, or something where there is a good chance of hitting numbers that will help with qualifying marks.  So for a game where I am trying to peak I try to start tapering my training about 4 weeks out.  At this time of year I am doing much more throwing than lifting.  So I will be trying to throw 3-4 days a weeks training then back off 1-2 days prior to competition.  My lifting at this time is very light and fast.  Usually one lift a day for about 3-5 sets of 2-3 at low percentages like 50%.  After lifting I go and throw.  I am hitting all of the events at least once during the training week. 

A simple break down of this would be:
Day 1
Squat 3-5 x 2-3 @ 50-60%
stone x 15 - 20
hwfd x 15-20
16 hammer x 10-15

Day 2
Push press: 3-5 x 2-3 @ 50-60%
stone x 10-15
lwfd x 15-20
22 hammer x 10-15

Day 3
Deadlift: 3-5 x 2-3 @ 50-60%
caber x 5-10
WOB x 10
Sheaf x 10

Day 4
Bench: 3-5 x 2-3 @ 50-60%
hit anything that felt bad or just recovery work.  ie stretching rolling.
If throwing no more than 5 throws per event.  Including warm-up

 I will knock this out Mon-Thurs and take Fri off for travel.  I will also do recovery work once I get done traveling.  This is what I do and seems to be very similar to the way my weeks were planned while throwing in college.  Hope this helps.  This is going to vary a little bit for everyone depending on your schedule and what typw of shape you are in.  If you need more rest then take it if not throw.  If you feel you are to beat up after a games then get in better throwing shape.  the only way to do this is throwing more.

What's the technique you use for the free arm in WFD and you have any mental cues?

The free arm is a counter balance for part of throw and should remain loose.  By remaining loose I mean you are not pulling with it during the throw.  This will lead to being out of position by the time you hit a power position and you will be dragging the weight or blown past the power position in the stone.

As far as mental cues for stone or weights I have a couple.  I will try to explain.

I am trying to shift my weight over the left leg in the back of the ring.  This is going to help me be more balanced and allow me to drive straight to the trig as well as get off of the left out of the back.

Point at the sector.  As I turn toward the sector out of the back I try and point my left arm toward where I want to throw and find my focal point on the horizon.  I try to hold this as long as I can.  This will cause my upper body to freeze a bit and let the legs wrap under me.  This creates torque and separation for the power position.

Those are my two biggest right now.  The rest of the throw for me is just reacting form hitting good postions form those keys.

WFD:  For me the entire throw happens in the moment after the cast and starting the drive.  So I have a lot I am thinking about at that time.

Push down and sink:  When my feet hit the ground after the cast I want the weight to be around 9 Oclock (sector is 12 oclock).  When this happens I am trying to drive the weight down and out to six oclock and sink down on the legs loading them for the drive to the trig.   I want this to be the part in the orbit where the weight is the farthest from me.  Once I feel this change of the orbit and elongation of the weight.  I go to the drive.

Sprint: I am driving off that back foot and shifting my weight over to the left leg.  This allows me to drive straight to the trig with both legs still bent and loaded so I can pull again when I land.

Lift:  Once I hit this position I am driving the right foot around pushing the hip through and trying to lift the weight up and out.

I hope this helps.  These are my current cues for throwing and will be till this part of my throw becomes auto matic.  Once it does I will start tryiong to find another part of the throw to work on that affects the distance.

If you are new to the throws you need to get the basics dialed in so that all of the basics become muscle memory.  You need a ton of repeptions.  Quit worrying so much about distance, once you are doing the right things the distance will take care of it self.  Start slow and build speed.  Smooth is fast and not the other way around.  If you are tryign to go fast you will be out of control and probably fall down.

I hope that both of these answers help. 


  1. Hey Matt..for us visual learners(and maybe a little bit slow or not understanding terms) can you draw an over head view of where your feet go AND where the weight should be throughout the turns and such for WFD?

    1. At some point I will write something detailing all of the events. Similar to what I did for the Open Stone. Until then just watch as many vids as you can of guys that throw far.

  2. Fo sho big guy. I forget even us throwers have a life!

    Hey I meant to olympic lifts during the season?

    1. Actually I like hitting the oly lifts at the end of the week before a games. It helps me remeber to move quick and have everything fire in order.

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