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February 06, 2012

2*6*12 Throwing and TOSSAPOLOOZA!

Real American!!

Another TOSSAPOLOOZA is in the books.  We got a real butt fucking from the weather but made the best of it by throwing some modded indoor implements and shot-puts.  Throwing + jokes + burgers + home brewed beer = good times.  The night ended with lots of drinks at local bar playing some super competitive darts and Golden Tee.

So I am still tired form eating shitty, drinking, and not sleeping, but the show bust go on.  I headed out to LSU to go and do some tossing today.  This is probably my last chance to get in a ring and throw shot before the meet in two weeks.

stands: x 5
fulls: x 10

Working on getting over the left side out of the back and getting the left foot down instead of letting it float.  Seems to be getting better and putting me in a much better position.  We will see how it goes.

1 comment:

  1. just remember who won that ultra-competitive game of darts


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