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September 21, 2011

9*21*2011 IGHF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS....2nd place


We were picked up at the hotel and headed to the field at 2:30 so that we could start warming up and throw hammer at 4:00pm.  These two events would be contested as the 2011 World Hammer Championships.  I am pretty happy with the order of events the way worlds had them planned out.  

Order of Events:
Fri. 4:00pm
22lbs Hammer
16lbs Hammer

Open Stone 60'4"  Championship Record
So with the evening starting the hammers the weather was a bit chilly, low 50's windy and cloudy.  This made it tough to get warm and the tacky was a bit hard.  In addition to that it had rained for a day or so leading into the contest, so the ground was not ideal either.  But as they say the show must go on and everyone has to deal with the same disadvantages.  The Heavy Hammer is not one of my stronger events I knew that I was going to need a decent throw just to stay in the mix on this one.  I managed 105' which is a little more that 2 feet off my personal best.  I can't really complain when throwing near your best, just so happens my best at this event is still pretty bad.  I finished in 7th place.  There was a bit of drama due to Craig Sinclair of Scotland throwing a monster throw of 119' and then later in the round Mike Pockoski breaking the hammer.  When this happens and the hammer is exchanged for another you go on and restart the current round so that everyone gets the same amount of throws from the same implement.  This was a big throw and a PR for Sinclair but this is how it goes and is the only fair way to go about it.  

HWFD 45'8"
The light hammer went off rather drama free.  The ground was still giving fits to alot of the competitors and we ended up moving the trig every round for both events.  I threw much better with the light hammer.  I finished in 3rd place with a 135'6" throw, this is a PR by 1'6".  I am really happy this worked out the way it did.  Overall Mike was able to pull out the win over Dan Mckim in the Championships by 6" I think.  I need that Pockoski guy to teach me to throw hammers.

After this we went back tot he hotel and did some stretching and contrast work in the hot tub and pool.  This games I really upped my intake of MODERN BCAA from USPLabs and I feel it made a big difference in my recovery from day to day.  That and meat lovers Pizza that Ryan ate half of.  Just making sure I am getting in my lean proteins and fast burning carbs.

Sat. 10:00am
16lbs Open Stone
56Lbs Heavy Weight for Distance
56lbs Weight over bar (standing)

LWFD 85'10"
We got to the field and started in on stretching and getting prepared for the day.  The weather was great sunny with a light breeze at 65*.  Open Stone was the 1st event on day two and this is my favorite.  Open Stone has become a bit of a specialty for me this year.  I was able to win with a new PR and a throw of 60'4".  This is championship record and would have broken the damn Amateur World Record I have been chasing but I am a week late.  Either way I am ecstatic to get this monkey off of my back and finally break the 60' mark.  I will be definitely finding a Track meet to do during indoor season and see how that turns out.  I also fouled my first throw of 58'10" and my third throw of 61'1".  I see there is a bit more in the tank.  

Event two is the 56lbs Weight for Distance.  This has been a strong event this year for me but it is also a good one for everyone else at the top of the list.  Typically 40'+ is a good throw on any day. but that would have earned about 6th this weekend.  My first two throws were 41'+ and 42'10" these were right in the mix of everyone.  On my third I lined everything up and hit a 45'8" throw that also got me the event win and another PR.  

Braemar 46'10"
Caber, well caber has not been a strong event for me ever.  I am going to have to do lots of work on this during the off season.  However with a very difficult stick I pleased the gods and managed three turns and best of 11:50.  This throw got me 3rd place on count backs.  Dan Mckim finished in 1st with a 12:00 on his third throw.  I think he was sitting in 5th or 6th prior to this attempt.  Coming though in the clutch like this is the reason Dan is the top guy in the games right now in the world, unshakable.  This 3rd place finish is what really locked up the weekend for me.

The 56lbs Weight Over bar was our last event for the day.  I have been feeling good about this one.  The previous weekend in MN I threw the standing Amateur World Record of 17'10".  I had some trouble during the contest with trajectory and getting plenty of height but not getting it over the bar.  I had to scratch and claw to stay alive at 15' and then luckily hit 16' on my first throw.  When we went to 17' I had height on two out of the three attempts but not the aim.  I think I placed 4th or 5th.  A little disappointed in my effort here but it was done and time to move on.  I am now sitting 2nd overall with a close 3rd of Pockoski.

Post games:  it was subway for a bit of food and then contrast again.  That night we were all invited out the D'amante's house (they are the family that helps support the games and financially help everything keep going)
for a catered dinner with about 100 guests.  This was a great time and was fun and getting to meet alot of the people who help keep the games running is always nice so we can show them some gratitude for taking such good care of us.  Thanks again to all involved with the games and the excellent hospitality that you showed all of the athletes.
Sun. 12:00pm
20lbs Braemar 
28Lbs Light Weight for Distance
Challenge Caber
Loon Stones

Sunday was nice weather again and had a leisurely start to it.  We didn't begin throwing Braemar stone till 12:00pm.  Braemar is another pseudo shot put event.  This standing throw is another one that I have been doing well all year so I felt good about it here as well.  I threw a PR of 46'8" and finished 2nd.  1st place was won by Poland's Sebastian Wenta. Standing 6'7" and 340lbs he is a monster.  He is probably best know for finishing 2nd in 2007 World's Strongest Man competition.  He had a giant throw of 48'7" it was one of the most impressive things I have seen in a long time.  Typically anything over the 40' mark in this event is guaranteed 1st place and today 4th place was 44'6".  Truly some of the best throws in the world were taking place all day.

The last event of the regular competition was the 28lbs Weight for Distance.  I have been very consistent in this event for about 5 games now.  Again the group did not disappoint Sean Betz and I went back and fourth. At the end I bested him by an inch and a half.  Throwing 85'10" is a great throw for me and felt really good.  This was now my 3rd event win and secured me into 2nd place over all.

We did the challenge caber.  (same stick as the day before)  He is where the wheels came off.  I became my old self and shit the bed all over this one.  I did not manage a turn and looked even more pathetic.  So bad in fact that Pockoski is yelling "Where was this kid yesterday?"  I am just really happy I pulled out the good throws when they counted.  I finished last and was awarded no points or money and asked to stop embarrassing myself.

On to the last of the extra events was the legendary Loon Stones.  This is a pair of stones weighing 274lbs and the other weighting 231lbs.  They are extremely awkward and have different size rings on them and a chain connecting it to the stones.  Some of the strongest men in recent history have made attempts carrying it including Magnus Ver Magnusson and many others.  I was able to win and earn another $500 bucks. 
Infamous Loon Stones.....BRUTAL 
Thank You all for your sacrifices.
ALSO:  During the break from competition a mini stone trowing contest with a group of Veterans representing Wounded Warrior Project.  These young men and woman took time to come out and throw stones on the field with us and have a little contest.  I just personally want to say thanks to them again.  My Freedom is something that I know I often take for granted and you and the others like you are the reason that I have any freedoms.  I will never know what it is to sacrifice what you have fro something you believe in.  Thanks so much for what you have done.  If anyone here has the ability to donate please do.  For all of the Vets out there who were wounded or not, THANK YOU, sincerely from my family.
Throwing the stones

Overall I am really happy with the way it all played out.  I went and threw the best game of my life when it counted.  It is good to know that the training, throwing, and timing all came together like I wanted.  Getting to share the field with these guys is still pretty novel to me.  They are great but they are still the same guys who I spent the last couple of years trying to emulate from videos.  I am looking forward to a heavy and hard off-season I have most of it lined out already.  I am going to take a couple weeks off then start at it.  This week I am heading to Chicago for work and I am lucky enough for my lovely wife to be able to accompany me.  Chicago is one of my favorite cities and I am sure she is going to love it.

Thanks to everyone who has been there for me all year; Ash, Andy, Jim, Stevey P, The Godfather, Sorinex, EFS, Max, MAHK, Pegg, and all of the others that I get to talk training with.  You guys really help me more than you know.  Also thanks to my sponsors for keeping me looking fresh and throwing far.  They are listed to the right and have links please contact them if you need anything and mention you found them through me, might get you a discount.

All videos are from Heavy Athletic Nutrition and Pics from Chip and Joanne Dickie.


  1. man i got stoked just reading this rundown. congrats on the great finish!

  2. Going to make my first trip to the big easy in November. Looking for the best places to eat and possible a good place to train while I am there. Any suggestions? Also, the blog is great stuff. Wondering how long you were a powerlifter and your best lifts, you also squat like a maniac raw maybe you could outline your keys to a strong raw squat. thanks

  3. Shane... thanks for reading. I am not sure of a place to train down in NOLA. Just do some searching on google and I am sure you can find something decent. This is typically what I do when in new areas.

    Powerlifting I competed for a little over a year. My best lifts in APF were 875, 700, 675
    best total of 2250. All of this was at 275. So it is not great. At the end of last off season I was my strongest and was going to do a raw meet but timing never worked out. I was shooting for 700, 440, 650. I would have been pretty happy with this. There is a meet in NOLA in Jan I may take a swing at.

    As far as squatting goes. My squat is good cause I like squatting and have been doing it since I started lifting. Squats have always been something I cared about and one of my tools used to judge where my overall strength was.

    I am thinking about in the future doing an article on squatting thanks.

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